My Dog Knows More About Web-Sites Than You…

A strange title perhaps, but not so weird once you actually take a look at a dog. This one, for example. A normal Fox Terrier. Hyperactive, always ready to please. Now, we have a dog and we have also a cat. We are absolutely not unique with this, lots of people have cats and dogs together. And it took us a bit, but after a while they got along quite good.

Now, my dog would be a perfect web producer, while our cat would suck. Why that is? Simple, a dog aims to please, while a cat requires to be pleased. Even though our dog might not be creative enough to come up with a good concept; after launch of his website he would try to find out if people like it, and will try to do anything to make it a loved and succesful production. Although, he would most likely be affected by any negative response to his website, even if it is one in a thousand. That would get him to change his site immediately if only 1 in a thousand have a negative comment,

But, if my cat would build a website, she would put it online and hiss at anyone who wouldn’t like her production. It would be that person’s fault, not my cat’s! If the world wouldn’t like her site, the world is at fault, not her.

But, most likely, the site of my dog would in the end be more succesful, or at least, have more happy visitors.

As you might understand, both my cat and my dog will not be very good at what they do. A hybrid between the two of them would be an excellent web-production-designer! But I will not let that happen. Poor cat! But, all kidding aside, this is what is happening online a lot. Most productions are produced by people who are one of the two… people who are so arrogant, they cannot see that mistakes are made. And people so obedient that they do everything – including constant changes to the website that might hurt their site – to please their visitors. Visitors, not customers.

I always try to aim for a 90% happiness range. If 90% is happy, and up to 10% is not experiencing major problems, the site is still fine. And with ‘problems’ I mean that they don’t like how something works, or how something looks. If 90% does not complain, I am doing  a good job. But, every complaint should be listened to. Maybe the complaint is the basis of a good idea that might spark from it.

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