I want you to do what I want! Please!!!!

Why am I going to pay twice the amount of money and take twice the time to produce a web production I have coming up? Oh… it has nothing to do with clients going into conference-calls all the time. It has nothing to do with going over design and re-design and re-design over and over again. It does not even have anything to do with planning in some time for bugs and bug-squishing sessions.


The reason is Apple. Thank you Apple to make my life beautiful and a living hell at the same time. I sometimes feel like my cat, who in the winter would like to lay on the warm radiator while she knows that when she falls asleep, she will tumble down.

My iPod and iPad are practically making me a cyborg; they are almost permanent additions to my body (without doing strange things to them… mind you!). I love them. Since I have my iPad I am using it for basic things everywhere. Quick email checks, simple games, writing my documents, spreadsheets whenever I am not at a computer, and handling my photos during a photo shoot.

But, still, I feel so very limited. And that has nothing to do with the power of the thing. It is an amazing device. It again goes back to the Flash issue. The feud between Apple and Adobe – although officially that feud is over now – is still making people miss out on parts of the web. You cannot go to Google Analytics and see your graphs, on Ebay, even using the eBay iPad app, you cannot see a lot of the galleries that sellers use, because they use Flash.

But also, a lot of personal websites and portfolios are built using Flash. All are not accessible. My PC does, the Mac does, my phone does, my TV even does… but my iPad does not. Any Android or WebOS tablet does.

So, why am I bringing this one up again? Because usually when I run a production, I can ask a client what their choice is. They want Flash? Fine, but it does not run on the iPad and iPod. If they don’t care… perfect. If they do, I will create it in AJAX to get the same functionality but with a lot more programming.

Also, only 92% of the online browsers today use JavaScript, or have it activated. That means that 8% of your people will not see your site correctly. Sure, you can build workarounds for it, but you do not develop a high-media production to cut it down.

But, the issue now is that I am about to run a production that is financed by myself. That means, I have to cough up the dough. And I need all the users to have the same experience. And I need to have it on the iPad too.

But certain elements that I need to have in there, and they are simple design elements, are not reliably possible with AJAX, or plain JavaScript. And certain functionalities take too much time to develop in AJAX that are available immediately, perfectly polished, in Flash, even through normal ActionScript programming.

So, yes, I am about to double my expenses – at least double my expenses – for this web production. Thank you Apple, for making my life easier, and my wallet a bit cheaper, and the number of available hours in the day a bit less…


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