Adieu Steve… Hello Tim!

I cannot have an IT-related blog and not write about the adieu of Steve Jobs from Apple that was announced last week. As I have written in my posting about my personal opinion of Steve Jobs, I never was impressed by his appearance and was sometimes a bit fed up with the choices he made, but had to respect him as one of the most succesful CEO’s in corporate history.

Am I sad to see him leave? No. Not really. I mean, it is business. The man has more on his mind right now, and he leaves a legacy of good – and some not so good – products in his past. Apple will do fine without him. I mean, it will go back to being a company that builds quality products – and can someone now finally activate Flash on those devices?

Anyway. He leaves Apple with as a class A corporation. If Apple is not able to maintain that status, or clients are simply walking away because they followed Steve anywhere and bought anything he told them to… well… then Apple’s time has come. It is the simple rule of the business. If Apple is indeed a company who kept up sales by the personality of it’s CEO, than we should all wonder if the company is worth staying big.

I hope Tim Cook at least has the same killer instinct as Steve Jobs has. I did not like the guy much (Jobs) but he did shake up the IT world quite a lot. But I think Apple will do just fine. When Bill Gates left Microsoft, Steve Ballmer took over. Well, and Steve Ballmer is also not really a – well – ‘swell’ guy. But in my opinion Microsoft is still building a lot of quality products (sure, maybe not always quality in details – but still). Let’s say, Microsoft is not doing a bad job. Not at all. But the roles have now turned around; first Apple had to migrate to the world Microsoft started to shape for the IT, and now it is the other way around. And you know what? It keeps companies ‘fresh’. I think that both companies have shown that they can be a major player, even in a branch that is so unpredictable as the IT.

So, Steve Jobs, even though I am not always a fan, I do bid you a well-meant adieu, And Tim, good luck to you.


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