In an earlier post I mentioned how I did not like Steve Jobs because of his industry arrogance, but also mentioned that I, of course, did not know the man personally and that he might be the most likeable man that there is.

But it is not that. There is no denying that with the passing of Steve Jobs last night, a great man in the media, entertainment and technology world is gone. Because of his arrogance but also his qualities as being a leader and inventory, he made sure the competition had to work hard to stay in the game, and contributed because of that to a better world for us who lived in it. I personally think that without the imput of Jobs, the evolution in the IT and technology world would have been a lot slower.

So even if I did not call myself a true fan of Steve, I was shocked about the news this morning, and I wish his family, collegues and everyone who was in any way touched by him, strength in these days.

Rest In Peace, Steve.

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