Thank you, thank you…

Early last week something weird had happened to me. While writing another blog posting I decided also to check out the basic stats, and one referral seemed off… I actually had visitors coming directly from the website. So, clicking on that link in the overview, I was pleasantly surprised with why the link was actually there. Because, there I was – or this blog actually – featured as one of the 10 nominees for the best new IT blog of 2011 for the Social Media Awards hosted by ComputerWeekly and IBM.

Or as Sheldon would say… ‘Bazzingah!’

Now, I write this blog more because of getting some frustration in the market off my chest, or simply because things bother me or giving me joy, and I like to write about that. I don’t do it with a clear focus on becoming a succesful blogger. I don’t even know how to properly market it. But, come on, my ego got quite a boost! I have learned more about online Social Media marketing in one week than the years before… because, well, if I was in the game, I wanted to have the votes too.

But alas, I was not the winner or the runner-up. But still, I would already like to thank everyone who voted for me, and to even notice this little blog. It is quite the compliment to be selected by a major European IT publication as being one of the best new blogs of 2011 about what is going on in IT. Especially when you notice that the winner has about 4 million visitors per month, and I, with my media-attention boost of last week, say about, 400.

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I do not understand Social Media. Worse, the posting I was publishing last week when I was about to find out I was nominated for the Social Media Awards 2011 was – tadaaah – about the negative influence of social media in social and personal developments.

Career limiting move, anyone?

But! I am not all-knowing. Really… I am not… really… ahh… you flatter me, but no, I’m not. So I am actually going to get more in-depth into the usage of social media in marketing. I can build websites, setup and install servers, databases, create dynamic media frameworks, design – but it is time to learn about the social media aspect. Not to become the best blog of 2012, nope, but because last week triggered my interest and showed me how Social Media actually can be of interest to me too. But I am now to this, so, a help and advice – and of course references in your Twitter and Facebook accounts – is greatly appreciated.

But again, thank you for your votes. It had been greatly appreciated.



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