My Limited Social Life and Happy About It.

People who more often read this blog, know I am not all too excited about social media. That is simply a personal opinion. And as explained before too, it has nothing to do with privacy… it is just a thing that is not for me.

But I have to admit that another aspect about social media started to dawn on me. The New York Times posted an article yesterday: The Facebook Resisters about people deliberately resisting to use Facebook for different reasons. And I noticed, I might absolutely agree with what many of them drives not to hook up to the site.

It is quickly becoming an area that if you don’t join in, you might miss out on news that is going on in your own real life social network. People that do not bother to tell you any news, because they assume you read it on their Twitter or Facebook page.

It reminds me a bit about radio. Radio is a medium that I still enjoy a lot; being in the car or with online versions like Pandora. But ‘normal’ radio, or satellite radio – which I prefer – have one issue; they have no clue what you are listening to. So they can broadcast any message, there is no way to know if people heard the message.

And this is what avid users of the social networks tend to forget often; that what they post, might not be known at all to the world they are telling it to. The ‘wall’ that you have on Facebook, or the new list on Twitter work have a serious design flaw… it does not play well with loads of information. No matter what we can do technically these days, and deliver you thousands of news updates per second… there is still a person on the other end who doesn’t have the time to read everything. Especially if you have thousands of followers. Worse, even with a 100 followers or friends your wall might completely get stuffed.

Sure, you can filter. But keep in mind, if you are the proud owner of hundreds of friends or followers; it is a lot of things to manage, which causes a lot of extra work for you. And, with filtering people out you might again miss out on information that people want to share. So, even actively using social networks might have the same news value than not using social networks at all. The only difference… not using it most likely will free up some time in your life.

Although, completely resisting social networks is a bit over the edge for me too. I like to be in the middle, just like alcohol, to enjoy it but within limits.

A friend called yesterday that their triplets were born, and were healthy, and that we should meet up again once the holidays and their busy times will pass by again. Sure, the news was also posted on their Facebook page, but he wanted to call to share the news. And this actually had two advantages; first of all he knew that the message was received, and second, I felt better to know I was someone he would take time for out of his busy schedule to just give me a quick call.

I’ll read more about it on his Facebook page…


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