Don’t Mention The War!

John Cleese’s impersonation of Adolf Hitler in Fawlty Tower’s ‘The Germans’ episode is most likely the best segment of British comedy ever made. I would even dare to say it might we as well the best segment of comedy ever produced. It is 36 years old, hopelessly outdated… and still amazing.

Of course, this is my opinion, but in my personal perspective of the world… that’s the only one that matters 😉

Fawlty Towers is ancient television, first aired on the BBC in 1975 and only lasted two rather short seasons. I am not usually a fan of the ‘old stuff’, I am not someone that always like to hang on what was around when I was young (although in that perspective I should not even have known Fawlty Towers, simply because it was ended already when I was 1 year old), but I know what I like.

And what I appreciate about this series, just like with many well written stories and movies; it is not so much of the quality of presentation, but the quality of the content that matters.

I have mentioned this more often in this blog, but I think once in a while it is worth repeating. In IT people, especially producers and web-owners, tend to be focussed on perfection in the presentation, or in functionality. And although I praise well designed functionality, it is still not what matters. It is the basic ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ scenario which is hopelessly old-fashioned and doesn’t apply to the web.

Why not?

Because with a book, the cover needs to attract you to get the book, open it, be impressed by the looks before you decide to look into it. With a website, you start at the opening of the book with the content right in front of you.

Of course I would applaud a production that is well designed, has good functionality and contains amazing content. And they are out there, just like movies that have a great story and wonderful execution – it will stand the test of time.

The ever talking about how the design of a successful website might not be good, or how anyone else could make Craigslist better (and I know, because I am one of those guys mentioning this all the time)… it all makes no difference. It is not about that.

It is simply about having a great concept, and bringing it to the world. If it is good enough, people will love and cherish it.

Because the audience doesn’t care… as long as you don’t mention the war 🙂


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