How ‘The Best’ Doesn’t Work For Me

Ah, welcome to a new year. Usually people like to look back in the last couple of days of the old year and look forward in these early days of the new. But, I like to just do nothing during the last days of the old, and then start freshly again in January. So, here we are again.

During my break I was again confronted by the fact how a it is not always the best product that is the winner in the market. No matter what market. And I think we should just accept that. Sure, I love to complain, I love to hang on to a product line. Not because I am such a faithful consumer… I just don’t want to focus on a new product and new brand all the time.

For example… my car. The day I arrived in the US one of the things that I really loved here is the fact that there are big cars. I mean… big. If you are in the US, it might not feel that way, but if you are from Europe, you will see quickly that there is a world of difference. And quickly I was driving a Buick leSabre, and upgraded to a Lincoln Continental en now am a happy driver of a Lincoln Town Car. Sure, I don’t require to come across like young and hip. I just love a comfortable drive in luxury, and this car delivers me that. Most of the time.

On Christmas night I had brought my in-laws home, and was returning again when, while driving through the middle of the lovely city of Trenton (sarcasm included) to get to Pennsylvania, when a “BANG!” followed by a “SCREEEEEEECH!” and finally a “plop!” happened. It was not only that, but mostly that burning gasoline smell that had me decided to park the car. My faithful Maroon Behemoth had let me down? In the middle of the night? WHY!?

Now, I usually keep my head cool. I was in no hurry, although Trenton is not my first choice of a city to get problems in. So, just a quick call to AAA would take care of everything…. unless… you are out of battery on your mobile phone.

Now, let’s give away the ending of this story quickly so we can continue: After waiting outside of the car for two hours I decided to risk it (smart) and try to drive home, which I was able to do – safe – WOOOHOO!).

The next day, my trusted car mechanic called me, mentioning how my spark-plug exploded and took out the threat of my coil that was holding it in place. It had to be rebuilt… a nice $750 price tag. And initially p*ssed me off, because I have had some issues with Lincoln’s. And when he mentioned that this is a problem more Ford cars had experienced, I actually was thinking about abandoning the brand altogether.

But I love Ford. They might not be overall the best cars, but I love the Ford Brands.  I have driven Chevy’s and I simply do not feel comfortable in them. My wife is a devoted Chrysler driver. It’s plastic, but it keeps driving – I have to admit that. But then I had my Lincoln repaired again and was on the road and came to the conclusion: I just love my Town Car. Simple. And as with so many other things you love, you don’t care about the bad things.  I enjoy getting in the car, drive around. And if it breaks down every year, while you drive 50,000 miles, it is not so bad. Sure, it is not a sports car, and it adds 20 years to my age and I will never be a head-turner for sexy girls… but man… I feel comfortable in that car.

So, Lincoln… you’re safe with me. But now, that phone. It is a Samsung Galaxy S with Android running on it. And although I liked Android in the beginning, it starts to bug me a bit. I actually had to buy an expanded battery pack to last me through the day without exceptional use. And that Christmas day, it was recharged that night before… and empty in the evening. And I had not used it. But somehow, Android loves keeping services running in the background, and it takes time and know-how to find them. Then also, it is not always responsive. And with that expanded battery pack, it is bulky.

I really try to love Android. But it is hard. I do like it, but there is something that does not make it fit like a glove for me. And the same thing goes with iOS. What Android is ‘too much depth’ Apple’s iOS for me is too shallow. I love my iPad & iPad 2, but it is taking me too much by the hand.

Is Windows Phone more for me? I have no clue. I hope so, but I won’t find out for a while. Although I was an early adopter in previous years, I learned to not adapt to new technologies for the thing that makes it work – the OS – but how the total thing fits in your lifestyle.

Which brings me to another product: Windows. I have been a Windows fan for a long time. And I still appreciate it the most of the OS’s that I use – Linux, Windows and OS-X. Because I develop mostly on my PC, and with that WIndows gives me the most customization that I am looking for. But I have changed my favorite browser from IE to Chrome, and to be honest, I am not so excited about Windows 8. I like Windows 7, and most likely I will like Windows 8 – but actually – I don’t care. As long as it will do what it should. Windows has become more and more unimportant to me, as long as what I can do with the system works. But if OS-X or Linux comes a long way and ‘fits’ me better, I will have no problems leaving the brand. In desktop OS I noticed that I am not that loyal to my brand anymore.

Although, there is one OS I do favor… which is Windows Server. Weird, but when it comes to servers, I love Windows. Hands down a winner for me. Is it the best product for server OS out there? No clue. It is for me.

Which gets me to my point. I start to care more of what is the best thing for me, instead of what the society tells me what the best thing is. I have built up enough experience to make my own decision in certain areas. I love my car, I don’t like Android, although I do like the phone, and don’t care about my desktop OS but love my server OS.

It is not always ‘the best’ that suits me to most… because I think being ‘the best’ is a complete personal experience.

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