You Can Only Read This Post If You Have Protection

So, last week, we have had the big SOPA/PIPA boycot going on. Sites went dark or showed some (visual or not) limitations and a massive amount of people participated. And that one was so successful that at least for now, the plans are put in the refrigerator, and hopefully are being addressed by more capable people who can ultimately destroy the plans even and come up with a smarter and more effective solution against piracy.

And sure, it is of importance that something is being done against piracy. But being able to get sites offline without a court order is simply not correct and leaves a lot over to interpretation with possibilities to get sites offline – like the ones from any kind of competitor for example. Oh, the possibilities would be many – and no one would get happy about it.

But don’t forget something even stranger going on in politics. This news has been a bit of the laughing stock of the last week, and is hardly been taken seriously. But I would like to address your attention to something far more dangerous to freedom of normal things… let’s move to Los Angeles for a bit.

Let’s talk about porn.

Yup. And not like talking about any erotica stuff. Nope. We are going to address the plain, uncensored pornographic industry.

As you know (you might admit publicly not to know – but you know) is that the adult industry is usually the industry that can deliver the push for failing or succeeding technology. Now, I’ll be honest with you, and mention that I like the adult industry just as much as any other kind of entertainment, but it is not even that what I want to talk about.

The city of Los Angeles is going to effectively prohibit the production of adult oriented material in which two adults will have unprotected sex. Period.

So, why is this a potential danger to what we do here online? Simple. When we talk about SOPA/PIPA it is actually about something that originates in a real defined crime; piracy. The redistribution of copyrighted material. No matter what you make of it, the copyright is a solid, water-clad law and piracy just goes right against it. Fine.

Los Angeles is prohibiting something in free media production that is perfectly legal. Any adult  is allowed to have unprotected sexual encounters with any other consenting adult. Worse, the church even pushes for it (I am not going into the whole religious element here, but come on, I need to even mention it here to prove my point!). If I would watch a movie to get aroused by, I may be the one to decide if I want to see it with or without protection.

There actually is a LAW out there in LA that prohibits the production of unprotected sex movies. Honestly… this is the city that produces the most movies about slaughter, killing, drugs abuse, white-collar criminality, oppression, intimidation, corruption, genocide, online crimiality and plainly blowing up the earth. All fine. But we CAN’T have pornographic movies being produced in which people do not wear protection.

I am actually lost for words.

And the City of Los Angeles is going to actively put law enforcers on the job to prevent this from happening. That means not only has there been a lot of money involved – bribed or our tax money – for getting this law passed, but now also to put people who have much better things to do for money that the city does not have. Really?

Sure, you have the FAIR act, which is the For Adult Industry Responsibility; with of course a lot of good reasons why adult industry producers should consider producing movies including protection. But you cannot enforce it. Because the adult industry is about entertainment. They create what the market wants to see. And it is not about anything illegal. Again, unprotected sex is not illegal, in any state or in any country.

What I do agree with is that the adult industry SHOULD take some responsibility, but again, we have to be smarter about it. Put attention to the issue at hand. If you want to focus on protection, why not ask the movie industry to maybe write amazing plot lines about couples who are together who can do it without, and free range sex to be protected. But the law cannot be involved in this. The reason why, is that the law is not allowed to explicitly tell any media outlet what it has to produce if it is not against the law. There is a word actually for it, called propaganda and censorship.

What I do agree with, with the FAIR group, is the attention to using protection. AIDS and any other STD is more than a real problem. But I think that problem is absolutely in the lack of proper sexual education in this country, than in allowing to see unprotected sex in adult orienting movies.

Come on people, be smart. Stop talking about blocking things and censoring things, and try to find a real solution.

And although this is a relatively small issue. It is one of those things where politics definitely puts its time and money in things that are not that important.


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