I Don’t Want To Be Treated As A Number (But If You Do, I Want To Be #14,303)

Ah, how many times haven’t you heard that – or maybe said it yourself – that you did not wanted to be treated as a number. Isn’t that the marketing preach that is so popular now; ‘You are not another number to us, we see you as a person…’

Yeah, right!

Nope. We have to face the facts; we are just a number to them. A customer number, a price tag, a volume number, a hit on a site. And you know what, it is perfectly fine. Hey, we all do it too with social networks. Being proud that you might have 500 fans/friends/whatevers, hmmm… and what number am I?

Oh, and especially on websites. You are an important number to add up to the total of visitors of that day. Number 450 who clicked on a banner, or maybe read this post. It does not guarantee the success of a website, but it surely helps.

My biggest problem is when I am not a number anymore. When anyone except my friends, or people what want to know me or contact me personally, knows who I am. There are enough companies that I am glad to be just a number of, that they print automatically my name in the top of a letter; the IRS for example, the police? Political campaigns?

Isn’t it weird how we complain that we are not treated personally enough, and on the other hand are so afraid that companies or other people know who we are that we are securing ourselves from it? Ah, good old Karma I guess 🙂

But if I am a number – which I will gladly accept – I would love to be #14,303

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