Groooooosssss…. Vegetables!

Ehm.... yummmmm? Burp...
Ehm.... yummmmm? Burp...

Bweerrkkk! The taste of vegetables crushed to a fluid is just something I hardly can stand. BUT! I am getting to be of that age that I start to think about being more healthy, eating enough fibers, having my veg’s and fruits and actually do some cardio while whatching all the 24 episodes in chronological order (Somehow I still don’t know what Jack Bauer was doing handling luggage on JFK last week on FOX 😉 ) – (AND, I only watch one episode within one workout session, don’t worry, I will not cardio myself into cardiac arrest!)


Because I need the kicker usually around lunchtime since I wake up in the morning at 4am, I decided to switch to having vegetable juice. Gross. Eck! But, after three months I am faithfully drinking it every lunchtime, and feel better afterwards, energetic. And I do have to admit I am getting used to the taste. It still tastes like roadkill on an afternoon in June, but not so hairy. I feel better, lose weight, and gives me energy. It almost makes sense.

And here is my point; If something is good, it does good, it is effective, and does what it is expected to do… isn’t that enough?

The reason why I ask this is simple; I see so many clients who push to go the extra mile, often also on projects that do not require it. If something is made for larger audiences and needs to sell, sell, sell; make it sexy. Make it kick-ass.

But if it is something that organizes your Excel sheets in folders on the server only your own team works with, make it work good, and move on. Not everything has to look great to be great.

An often user example on any kind of usability school is a car. We all accept that a car is a pretty nifty usability design. Can it be done better? Maybe. It does pretty well and after you have learned and mastered the driving skills, it is easy.  It already has been innovated over the years, and will be perfected in the future. Still, it is not bad. And you can make the steering wheel gorgeous, wooden inlay, heated, shiny and smooth to the touch. Nice. But if my wife needs a car for her antiquing business, she only cares about the space in the truck. Simple. She couldn’t care less about beauty, it needs to be good, functional, sturdy.

It does what it should do well… it has no added value whatsoever for her to have a gorgeous car. It would be wasted on her.

Another good example is a nuclear power plant. Believe me, it is not beautiful from the inside. No shiny Apple Icons on the screen. And people who walk into it for the first time have no clue what to do in it. It requires training, until people know what all the buttons might be. And you know what? The buttons that you thought were ugly and placed all wrong, might actually be very functionally placed, and making life a lot easier for people who do that work all day long.

Try not to be an over-achiever if it is absolutely not required. Or, as being said on Shark Tank two weeks ago, “The problem with most sales people is that the continue to sell when the sale is already made”.

I am not saying that making things perfect should not be tried to achieve, but some things are perfect once they are good.

One more sip…. eeeewwwwwwww…


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