It is small, hairy and it stinks…. and it is not me.

What I like to do with this blog, as many already have noticed, is to reflect certain things in the world of media and IT, and reflect them on normal, everyday life. I do this with a purpose; to simply prove my point.

The world of IT, of any business world for that matter, is not so different than what we all experience at home, in our personal life, on a daily basis. The situation of good friends of ours that had too many assets and too little money to cover them is in general not so much different than a corporate bank tumbling down handling unsecured loans.

And most of the media and gadget market, well, that battle is actually fought in our own homes, with Amazon battling Netflix on streaming media (in my personal opinion, it is still – unexpectedly though – in favor of Netflix), iOS vs. Android, Flash vs HTML5 (which is, of course, a fought battle with Flash slowly leaving the battle grounds – sadly).

In this perspective, it looks like there is so much going on, that besides the economic crisis in the world – everything is hanging in the balance. And news sites like to throw out one exclusive after another…

I have decided to not ‘depend’ so much on ‘predictions’ anymore. Because, although it sounds like the world of media and IT is changing so rapidly… it actually is not. Worse, if we talk about reflection in our own personal lives, I think the world of media and IT is moving forward in a very slow pace.

And voila… here is the link to the title and the real life comparison;

I like to walk our dog at night. In the weekends that is around 1-2am, and during the week it is when I wake up, say around 4am. And since it is a medium-sized Fox Terrier – which means a ball of energy like powered by a nuclear station – walking around is never relaxing, but always trying to avoid tripping over it, waiting with every tree and shrub for it to ‘spread his appreciation’. And the attitude… oh boy… no matter what it encounters; it can be a squirrel or a Bengal Attack Tiger… it will taunt it without any thought of the risks that it might involve.

Now, our neighborhood is quite Bengal Attack Tiger safe – we do have a citizen watch to make sure that doesn’t happen. But, we do have this one piece of wildlife that scares me even more. It is small… it is hairy… and it stinks. And that is our neighborhood skunk.

And this is where I am fascinated with our dog… because he just sees another – well – thing and is so ready to provoke it. And sure, the skunk, it looks cute, small, walks wobbly and grunts and sniffs as it walks by… but I rather not p*ss it off. Maybe because I have a bit more insight into the opposing creature than our dog has.  And if needed, this skunk, without a doubt will give our dog a run for its money. The problem, it will most likely drag me into this too!

Anyway. Being up to date daily about the IT and media news, I often feel like the same. A lot of yelling, and especially by smaller groups quite uncertain about their own identity or social status, towards companies that has no use of upsetting.

Sure, it is a popular thing to kick against standing traditions, but like mentioned in the beginning… IT is not evolving as fast as we all think it does. As I have pointed out in many more postings here, IT and media is running on the same basics and technologies as it has done for a long time. Sure, details might have changed, improved and evolved… but the essence is still so very much the same.

Forrester Research proclaimed that in 2012 companies will spend 58% more funds into Apple products than in 2011. Bartels mentions that it is end-game for Microsoft in businesses. Forrester claims more than 20% of all business users have an Apple product that they use for work. And this all with the mentioning that Microsoft as player in the business market is in a losing market.

Well, why not say nothing at all?

Because, don’t get me wrong, Forrester and Bartels are no newbies, they are well respected analytic companies… but the last couple of years there were more and more of these kind of claims.

It feels like my dog barking against the skunk. It makes no sense.


Well, because Microsoft is not going anywhere fast. Just like Oracle, SAP, Google, Apple… and have you ever noticed they never openly attack a smaller company? Of course, they sue their corporate butts, but never do they try to slander them, yell back. If one of these behemoths attacks, it is with one furious strike that will usually shut them up. If this is correct or not.

Apple might claim that their tablets, phones and Macs are better than the competition. But you will never hear them claim they are replacing Microsoft in the business sector. Because Apple, and Microsoft, know that they are no competitors in that area. Why do you think Apple allows multiboots these days with Windows on their macs? And why do you think that Apple decided to stop their server-line of computers. Why is it that Apple suddenly allowed – and promoted – the Microsoft Office Suite on their systems, even co-branded it with Apple?

Because these companies know to pick their fights.

Microsoft has already mentioned many times that they will be glad with a bigger market share in the mobile phone market for their Windows Phone system, but never said that they will kick iOS based phones to the curb, or Android for that matter. They want to become another player… not so much the player.

SQL server might go up to Oracle Databases, but Microsoft also knows that they will never have the same market as Oracle has, simply because of the inclusion deals that Oracle has with major enterprise and human-resources systems. SQL is more directed for robust custom development projects. Yes, they are competing products, but not trying to be what they are not.

Just like that Google has earned their stripes in the search and mobile platform market. But, the only problem Google might have is that they are relying with their search market on other platforms. I mention Google, in this case, with a reflection to their Android market, which is their platform.

These companies are not moving. Apple has a tight grip on the mobile device market, Google in the mobile phone market – together with Apple, Microsoft in the enterprise software market and server markets, Oracle in databases and enterprise software. And they are not easily replaced.

So, ticking them off, or simply mentioning weird information about them, is more a cry for attention than anything else. You might like them, or not, but come on, just stop with these kind of claims. It messes up my daily IT-news intake.

And that stinks.


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