Something isn’t working anymore… and I don’t know what it should be.

As a developer and designer for web productions, I have come to a moment that I really do not understand where ‘we’ are going with the whole online thing. This summer will be a major turning point in everything browser – when Internet Explorer will more or less cut the ties to their Active-X controls and the use of plug-ins.

Sure, they will not do this completely. The release of Windows8 will also allow you to run IE10 in a standard mode that still allows the plug-ins to work. But since history taught us that people usually do not alter the settings of their software unless they have explicit knowledge about this, we can safely assume that the way forward is ‘plug-in’-less.

So, no more Flash, no more anything. I understand the move to this, but cannot really get into the mindset of how this is going to work. No more plug-ins would mean no more technical customization. Sure, this is what lead to a lot of the security issues with IE and other browsers, but, shutting that down can make the web more secure, but also, a lot more boring.

HTML5 is by far no where in the same line of effective multimedia creation as Flash is/was. I have wasted many postings on that before. But it seems we have no choice now. Sites need to be plug-in less.

Sure, I know a lot of ‘developers’ will be mentioning that ‘it is about time!’. Well, I will tell you, it is not. Because believe me, we have seen in the past a lot of times the issue with even plain scripting and HTML combined. Not only will there be new outbreaks of new kind of security threats, but it will be also through a widely supported platform, HTML(5), JavaScript, CSS… because believe me, this will not be flawless.

Worse, because a lot more developers will not get more knowledge about these technologies to figure out how to get things done they were able to do in technologies like Flash, they will find new ways of going around security etc.

But worse, I find it a weird scenario. It is like when you have a front door with a broken glass panel, to prevent the wind from blowing in you will not repair the door, but take the door out, and close up the whole wall. The good thing is, the wind will be out… but you have no means of going outside yourself. Which is worse?

If security is the flaw, fix the security. Don’t kick the broken thing out and replace it with nothing. Fix it. And it might require that ‘fixing’ means building it from scratch.

But building multimedia websites will require now suddenly a lot more coding, a lot more performance, and that means a lot more room for error for a worse performance and user experience.

I can understand it if they would just revamp their whole plug-in model, and ask developers of those plug-ins to keep up or lose the race, but kicking the whole thing out? It is a bit drastic, and weird, to me. A step back most likely.


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