All alone…

Feeling so alone without my favorite platform.... sniff.

Alright, here it comes. Never did I think about it to write a Flash-Bash blog-post. But it is enough. I still stand behind everything I have said before to praise the platform, but I think it has let me down.


First of all, I still love the platform. Although people who do not work with it on a daily basis might disagree because of lack of knowledge of working with the platform; it is a pretty stable – one of the more stable platforms out there – to develop and design on. It allows an easy flow with creativity, and a close integration with creative media’s most influencing tools.

And, most of all, it is one of the most stable cross-platform development and multimedia environments.

But now, I feel left alone… as a 14+ year Flash developer. Flash and I had a good run for about 14 years. And everything was still find until the Flash-bashing started with the introduction of the iPhone – more or less. The new hype, but it was there to stay, and not allowing Flash to play along.

I have written many blog postings about that, so I won’t bother about that again. But, personally, I think Adobe owed it’s creative and developer audience a better fight. And I personally have the feeling they did not really do this. Adobe, together with AutoDesk, are the main players in the creative creation market, but neither of them have been able to really hook into all of this. With Flash there was this platform, which turned out to have some security issues too – which doesn’t help – but compared to HTML, JavaScript and Java, it was pretty secure. But the name ‘Flash’ ended up in discredit with the public. Clients who begged for a Flash Website a couple of years ago, now wonder why they ever did that, and sites need to be transformed into the the inferior HTML5+JavaScript combo.

Don’t shoot the messenger,  but if you have been in the multimedia web development area for a long time, you know that Canvas is a huge step down. In development time, and flexibility.

But, there I am. Starting up Flash only if I need to do some maintenance on older websites. Getting to be pretty flexible in HTML/JavaScript/AJAX to get things done.

Shoot! You know what? It feels like I am picking a Chevrolet Malibu over driving around in a Ferrari because my Ferrari is too fast, too smooth (by the way, I do NOT own a Ferrari). It just – well – feels wrong… but somehow, it seems the right choice at this moment.

Adobe keeps saying that Flash is not dead. No it isn’t. But it is getting to be this sad person, going into therapy, wondering why others don’t like it anymore. You want to yell out: ‘MAN UP!’ but you know it has no use.

Should Adobe have picked up the fight? I don’t know… maybe they did but was the market already passing on. You cannot force an audience to do something… everyone has a free will. And Flash on mobile, well, even I have to admit it did not work tremendously well, wherever it actually worked.

Maybe Adobe knew too that it was time for a chance.

But, in reflection to my previous posting about things leveling out to the wants and needs of the society; there will be a new platform rising  doing all of this and more, that is built for creative publication. Maybe that is why Flash got booted, and in a couple of years, built upon it’s ashes (nice, dramatic) a solid new platform for the next 15 years will rise.



Don’t worry, I will get over it. I was the same way when Macromedia Director was more or less replaced by Flash. Keep in mind, I am still the guy who thought in ’93 that network based personal computing would never replace a stand alone system. And yeah… you decided to read this 😉


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