Important News about Unimportant News

Social Media and the way how the foundations are set up right now are seriously flawed, and actually, it will lead to wasted production, time and money. 

Sounds drastic?

Sure, I am personally not always happy with social media, but this is not about that, but a whole other issue. It dawned on me when I was going through this morning’s emails and usually it means skimming lots of mails about coupons, blog postings, news and what my friends and colleagues are doing according to Facebook and LinkedIn and WordPress.

All information that I signed up for willingly, because I am originally seriously interested. Still, I find myself deleting most of these emails. And this does not mean that I find what my friends or connections are mentioning is not interesting; not at all, but at that moment I am busy with other things, and need to spend my time and focus on other things.

Sounds familiar?

I find it often the case with people who seem to have to post something each and every day. And likely to get a steady stream of followers or viewers. I notice too a spike in visitors when I post a new post, and sure, that makes me feel ‘appreciated’.

But I am not writing this blog to get as many people reading it. I do not earn my money with this. And I have been writing it when I had only 3 visitors a day just as I am doing it today. When something comes to my mind that I think deserves some insight, I write it down. And I hope each and every one of you at one moment decided to subscribe or follow me because of my thoughts about these things. At least, that is the expectation that I hopefully have created. Don’t expect suddenly some nobel-prize winning content here. Because, well, likely, that will not happen any time soon.

So, whenever I write here, I hope it is in the line of what you expected when you signed up. I will not start writing simply to write something to keep a steady line of postings to keep the numbers up.

And that is what often happens in social media. Twitter, Facebook, constant posts of blurps that might be only interesting to the poster are obviously lost. There is too much information created for a false expectation.  

Now, if people did this only about their private life, who cares? If someone wants to post that she is drinking coffee at Starbucks, fine. Uninteresting – to me – but if she wants to post that, it is up to her. But I notice it a lot with companies too. And that is, in my mind, causing me to take such a professional less seriously. It is talking to want to be heard. And posting articles takes time, which costs money.

If people would stay away if you don’t post something each and every day, you might want to start rethinking about the effectiveness of your page or blog. It is not that I want people to stop it, because – I don’t mind going through these emails, and if a header sounds interesting I will read it. But, I would think people might have better things to do with their lives than to produce daily postings just for the sake of having a daily posting.

You might have been, actually, walking into the Starbucks instead of posting, and enjoying that cup of coffee.


Of course I don’t care at all about the number of readers…. ahem… but… ehm… feel free to sign up for this blog 😉


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