I Love All These Extra Useful Features! Ehm… Where Are They?

Yesterday someone mentioned to me how certain extensions in Google Chrome make the usage of Craigslist so much more pleasant, and visually pleasing. Great! Just like the add-ons for FireFox that effectively can make my surfing life a lot safer and more convenient. And the apps on Google Chrome, also, very smart.

And I do mean this.

The reality is, I am not using one Google extension or FireFox add-on. Not a single one. At least, if it did not come pre-installed, I am not using it. I used to use the add-blocker that was famed on FireFox, but to be honest, I have left that browser, and even am using IE a lot less in favor of Chrome. I might not like Google as a company much, but Chrome is a pretty solid, fast and ‘visually’ light browser.

And for me, a browser needs to browse, which is what I do with it. To be honest, I would not know immediately how to install extra extensions. Oh, I could find that out most likely in a split-second, but – to be honest – I don’t feel like I need to.

The thing is, my opinion is why should I install extra things to make something good that should be good in the first place?  I am an IT-savvy kind of guy, and I know how to figure out the things I don’t know, build back-end systems, maintain servers and database systems etc. etc. I might not be a wizzkid, but I do know my way around everything. But I simply do not have the desire to go after extensions. And here is why:

I do not want to have to take an additional action to make things better. Yes, doesn’t that sound selfish? And I don’t like the way how, for example, Craigslist is presented, but I use it anyway. But why should I have to do things on my end to make my experience a less crappy one.

If Craigslist refuses to spend any time and money to just make the surfing experience slightly better, what kind of message is that to its users? And most users do not have nearly the skill or know-how that they can make it a more pleasant experience by use of extensions. I can probably guarantee you that most users of Craigslist do not even know what browser they are using.

I of course do modify the system I usually use. I install the browser I like best, the editing tools I prefer and some tools I indeed upgrade or customize completely. How is that different? Well, these are things that I use actively and I am modifying it to how it fits how I work with it. But I already am happy with the way how it works.

For example, I love Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom for my photo editing. There are many good other tools around that might do it just as well, maybe for less money even. I don’t care, I really like what Photoshop and Lightroom can do for me.

If my first experience with Photoshop would’ve been that it would only work nicely after I had really finetuned it, I would never have given it a chance. I would pick a tool that the producers of would understand what the first impression should be.

Because this is what it is all about… first impressions. And we all know the saying; you don’t have a second chance at a first impression.

I do praise the person who build this Craigslist extension for putting time and effort in making its experience so much better. Someone with a passion put time and money into it to make it better, and shared that with the world. Nothing else than praise for this person. But, come on, it is pathetic that a tool like Craigslist is delivered in a way that these things need to be built.

Look I also support the whole use of extensions, but it is lost on the masses that have not even a clue what an extension is. And that is a shame.

At least, in my opinion.


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