Internet Life in Anywhere, USA

A short break last week took me through the cities ranging from New York City, to Charlotte, NC, Charleston SC and Atlantic City. And although I honestly did not see much of Charlotte since a ferocious thunderstorm at the time hindered even any sight of the skyline, I do have to admit I have fallen for the charm of the southern Charleston. It was small – tiny even – but entertaining and pretty laid back. Sometimes you forget that life does not need to be in the rushing pace that is so usually in the North-East metropolitan area that I reside in.

On the other hand, I sometimes had trouble to see any location for any IT related business anywhere between Charleston and Washington, DC, while we drove up the 95 for 700 miles in one day. But it is most likely there too.

And the weird part is, that that thought also simply does not make any sense. The good thing about the internet is that any company, no matter how small and wherever, can have their online presence. And it does not need to be with an 24/7 social media presence, and an all-out marketing campaign and a page-1 result on Google.

Actually, I started to form the opinion that way too many companies start spending money on this simply because they have heard they should, never figuring out if it would generate any more revenue or result for them.

I actually started to notice that with all this Facebook, SEO and Twittering going on, it might appear for small-business-USA (and wherever) that having a website is a lot more work than they can handle. Also, that it needs to be a lot more expensive than they can afford. And that that keeps them actually from going online. Because, as I noticed, there are still huge numbers of companies that would benefit from an online presence, but are not doing anything, not even maintaining the smallest of a website without any social presence.

And with that, I actually am not only pointing out to states like South Carolina, because it happens anywhere. And that is a shame… although… also a huge business opportunity. Because these kind of businesses are not profiting from any free hosting platforms and site builders. They are afraid of the internet altogether. It is like your parents and grandparents shunning anything digital and still recording on a VCR. Someone should tell them it is not scary, and help them professionally. Believe me, it doesn’t mean that these companies are not willing to pay an honest price for a site, not the buggerish $x00 dollar website, but a healthy amount do have everything done. But, I guess too many web developers who own a platform, prefer the bigger clients, still leaving a huge gap of potential business.


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