How I am Getting Myself ‘Liked’

Alright, don’t click this one. Click the one on the right.

This posting is solely about getting you to ‘like’ me in the Facebook box to your right (if you read this in the email, please visit to the website – please… pretty please.).

So… the question, how do I get you to ‘like’ me?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel like I am socially awkward. But, the social society actually does that. Thank goodness I am way past my adolescent years (although my wife often claims otherwise), so I am not so much ruled by peer pressure; but, I do see that I am not yet at the paramount of my social career.

Thank you social media!

I mean, it is not a secret that I am not completely comfortable in the social media. Yes, sure, I do have a Facebook account and I do write with some kind of schedule on this blog. Which started more or less because I like to write. I had no clue what to write about, but it sort-of found its own course and while writing more because my own passion, slowly I noticed people started reading it, and actually liking it.

Then, of course – I had mentioned it many times on my blog – the fact that I found out I was nominated by Computer Weekly and IBM as the top-10 new IT blogs in IT of 2011. Yeah, yeah, I know, old news, but that is what I am getting at. I got a boost in visitors, and subscribers, and in the wake of that, I owe most of your loyal following. And as many of you know, I work in IT and deal with social media a lot. And I understand how it works, but I am just like an M.D. – I don’t practice what I preach. Because I tell my clients exactly how to get your brand out there, and a good friend of mine made this in a very successful business of lifting small brands up, and get them noticed out there using web, media and social networking.

And believe me, he taught me, but I am the guy who knows exactly how it works, but doesn’t know ‘why’ it works. The only thing that I notice is that the rule is; once you get a friend-base… it will grow as long as you keep doing what you do.

I am horrible at any kind of marketing. So, I thought I might take you on a little tour through getting myself liked and building up a larger social network for or my company Dialect-Line Experiences, or my studio Cantanopy Photography. Either two… And sure, you might mention in a couple of weeks how greatly successful I have been, or, that I wasted a perfectly good blog posting by trying so (pssssst…. don’t tell anyone, but it might of course be that I might delete this posting if it fails miserably 😉 Plausible Deniability!).

Sure, the pages are still empty, and I will deliver some interesting information in there, to really show here the whole trajectory from starting out.

How am I starting out to get my first likes?

The old fashion, honest way…

I am politely asking you to 🙂

Because maybe, that is the perfect way to start. And then, if you do (believe me, I will not spam you  😉 ) follow this blog occasionally to read about following steps into growing the audience. Maybe, by writing down these parts of my ‘mission’ might give you some insight in how to, or how not to do this, for yourself. Or point me out what I am doing right or wrong.

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