My Money Stinks

At least, it must be. Simply because I was told by Chase Bank late last week that they don’t want my money deposited in my account. Honestly, they refused my perfectly legal and official money to be deposited in my own account in good standing.

They really do anything to keep me happy as a customer ūüėČ

Okay, okay, this statement is¬†almost true, but comes extremely close. I have had other issues with Chase Bank before and the only reason why I do not leave them is because of the hassle to migrate all my automatic payments to a new bank. And who says that another bank is better… ai…. that thought makes me shiver. What¬†if Chase it the best bank I can find? The end is neigh….

Anyway. Why this posting does belong in this blog is simply, my beef is with the Chase app for Android and iOS this time. Because they have this remarkable feature to deposit checks using the camera of your phone or tablet. Works¬†magnificently¬†well… at least… if Chase likes you. And they don’t like me.

Do they have good reason to dislike me? Probably… let me provide you some insight here: I am from Europe – although not a good example of a great banking nation at this moment, they¬†do have other things a lot better under control. For example, no overdraft fees… you just simply pay an interest for the money you don’t have and they lend to you. But, best of all, immediate transfers to banks within the European Union. If I needed to transfer money to my wife’s account, the click on the button was all that was needed.

The only sort-like experience I have had here in the US was with PayPal. I still cannot grasp why it takes here 5 days to transfer a payment from one account to another – even if it is with the same bank! Sure, banks here have these wonderful explanations; but it is crap. Any European can tell you that.

The reason of course is more in the interest of the bank. Leaving the money in an account owned by them, against a certain interest rate, for millions of people each day, delivers them a nice paycheck. Immediate transfers do not provide anything.

But, I am getting off track here. So, because I don’t want to wait 5 days for a transfer, every week after pay-day, I withdraw my money in the ATM, and deposit it in another ATM right away in my other account. Voila. $3 for a $1,000 immediate transfer each week.

And since I am doing that, things started happening. My Chase credit card in excellent standing was cancelled, and it was more and more difficult to get any service whatsoever. People were friendly always until they check on my account in the computer. Than the politeness changes. Sigh.

Anyway, the latest one of these nuisances was the online check deposit through quickDeposit in the Chase App. It hasn’t worked for me a single time, because always, while it is sending the photos of the check to the Chase System, it is returned with an error that my account is not qualified for quickDeposit.

Soooooo… why not? I have money in my account. I have a perfectly well supported type of account, and in the help files and support it shows no reason why this might happen, because, according to Chase:¬†every Chase checking account qualifies.

Wellllllll…. not mine.

So, while I was in the bank anyway last week, I decided to have this checked out, and one of the ladies there helped me do so. And again, so kind, so happy to help me. Very polite. But things changed quickly when she was on the phone with support. Because, well, I was denied to use quickDeposit simply because I had used the overdraft protection once in October 2011. So, I had to wait at least until then before complaining that it did not work.

Excuse me? The girl in front of me told me it was in the fine print… it usually was… she was very sure. Well, I usually skim all the contracts and details, and knew very well that this was not part of the fine print, which indeed, it was not. There is no-where that mentions that quickDeposit does not work once you went in overdraft.

But… there is no negotiation with a bank. Because, well, the bank is always right. Sigh…

So, to wrap a whole long story up… Chase states the reason why they don’t want me to deposit money easily, is because I did not have enough money in my account.


Am I missing the point here? So, I think, my conclusion must be there is something wrong with my money.

It most likely stinks… and – actually – it does.


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