Why Catherina Zeta-Jones Is A Beautiful Example Of IT Engineering

My wife has her set of actors she really likes; more physically than by the quality of their acting. Which is, I think, normal. Men are known to favor actresses by anything but the quality of their acting skills. So, there is no complaining going on there. But, there is this difference in perception. I don’t care so much about these actors she really likes, even if it means that some episodes of some series seem to have a permanent place on our TiVo.

The other way around is, well, the other way around. I have written about the rejection my wife feels towards Olivia Wilde, who I think is one of the most beautiful women in television/films today, or better known as ‘Thirteen’ out of the older episodes of House. But  I am absolutely adding one to the list, one that is absolutely supported by my spouse, and I think the only woman who actually is getting more beautiful the older she gets; Catherina Zeta-Jones. Just the other night my wife and I ended up watching a pretty plain rom-com with her called ‘the Rebound’ which is okay, but I think personally she looks absolutely stunning in the movie.

Why… why am I bringing this up in this IT blog. Well, first of all, it is my blog so I can do what I want with it 😉 But I absolutely will be making a point here.

And the point is, that, sure, you can tell me everything how make-up does so many wonders and make her look so much more beautiful. Believe me, with our photo studio we have seen the effects make-up can bring to the set, transforming a ‘regular’ looking woman to an absolute sight to behold.  And other people might point to other photos of her in which she doesn’t look so good. Well… and here is my point:

I don’t care.

I don’t care how much work it might have cost to have Mrs. Zeta-Jones look absolutely stunning, which I don’t even know if it was. The end result = stunning. It is the opposite of math; the equation does not matter, the results do.

And here is my bridge to IT. It is a tendency in IT (and I know it is also in a lot of other professions) to debunk someone else’s work. As many know, I have been a long-time supporter of Flash, and a lot of other developers love to bash Flash. Or how *nix developers might abhor the Windows platform, and the other way around, to build their productions on.

But it is more delicate in programming. There are absolutely the right ways and wrong ways to program something. Things like prevention of cross-site scripting, sending login information, dealing with external data… there are absolutely wrong or right ways to do that.

But, looking more towards the gears that make a production work, for me, it is the end results that matters. If an amateur programmer can build a program running twice the amount of code than would have been necessary, but he is able to make it work perfectly, while a professional experienced programmer can do it with 1/10th of the lines of code, and make it the same way… I will applaud both.

Of course from a technical point of view, the experienced programmer is the way to go. But does the user care in any way if there is no difference to be noticed? I remember having a blast playing the back-then amazing flight-fighter-game Strike Commander, which apparently had horrible code! Still, the game was pretty awesome and had an amazing time playing it. And you know what, most likely many games and programs I have used ever since have had the same issue.

Heck, I have reprogrammed my own systems zillions of times because I found out they could have been built better, while at the time I thought they were pretty awesome. And in a year I will say the same of the systems I build today.

I personally do not care. I do care that what is being built is effective, secure, and does not crash. But outside of that… pffff…

It is like with dealing with photography; a lot of people and professionals love to bash gorgeous photos made by amateurs. Why? The result is a gorgeous photo, who cares if it has been taken with a professional or point-and-click camera; in a studio or in an apartment. It is the result that counts.

And this is why, I think, Catherina Zeta-Jones is a good example why nobody should care about how it is that she looks stunning on the screen. She simply does. And she can act pretty well too… what else can a man wish for? I mean… my wife is already happy she is not Olivia Wilde.


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