Real Smart SEO? Build A Good Site!

Consider this. The rating of a movie would be better when it is advertised more. So, if we would find a marketing firm that we would give about a billion dollars, and tell them to market the heck out of, let’s say, Wrath of the Titans, we made it right away the best movie ever made.

Woohoo! Forget The Godfather, Shawshank Redemption – move along, Schindler’s List – nothing to see here. Wrath of the Titans is the best movie ever. We just decided it. Let’s cough up the money. Because it was such a non-waste of two hours to watch it.

Sorry, this is not a posting about bashing this film, but it should be clear I was less than impressed. It is about showing something else. SEO.

If you own a business, changes are someone walked in at one point, and started talking about SEO. Search Engine Optimization, and how it will change the future of your company for-ev-er! How could you ever lived without it? How could you still have been in business without SEO?

SEO is important, and something that should not be overlooked. But, don’t get dragged into it by someone with marketing skills and think your business will not survive without it. Still, those people selling it to you are not completely wrong…

Search engines has more or less three cycles. The portals ruled the web the first. This is where Yahoo! got big. You could still search the web by ‘exploring’ it on a portal website. You went to Yahoo! and typed in a site, and the sites that were submitted, would show up. No automation really, it was like getting a self-written book in a library; you walk up to the counter, tell them what the genre is, and it will be ordered as such that when people search for books in that genre, it would show up.

The second cycle was the standard search, as we more or less know it today. You were actually searching the web, not because of sites that were submitted to the search engines, but by the use of bots; small, automated programs that surf from site to site to index them, and get them working.

Although Google was not the first with this, they became the first to do it without tons of advertisements. And that is what got them immediately the upper hand. That with fast searches, and well programmed bots, they quickly become the search engine with the most indexed pages.

But these bots were also the problem. Because a bot could not just ‘see’ everything. It would read some information in a web page to index it correctly, the so-called meta-tags. You could still submit your page to search engines (you still can) but now it means that you will show up faster, and you can direct a little bit of how it will be indexed.

The problem was, with search engines now containing so many sites, getting your page found became an issue.

And welcome SEO.

Now, it became a ‘skill’ to get your page higher ratings. So by adding the right keywords into your meta tags, and slick descriptions, and putting some smart HTML codes into your page, you could get higher ratings. After that, making sure more external websites would link to your page would give you higher ratings.

What became very obvious is that you could get better ratings by being smart and cheat. SEO became a full-time job for a lot of people. And it became necessary to do so, because if crappy websites were doing this, you, with a good website, had to do it too. And what has this rating to do with anything? Getting a better rating, would get you a higher placement within the search results.

Aha! Here it all comes together… as a business owner, you had to pay for SEO specialists, just to get a higher rating then you competition.

When an SEO specialist comes walking into your business, talking about getting you a top of the page rating, ask him where. Getting you a top of the page rating is easy. I mean, if you are the Stuffed CupCake in Hapsaville in Kentucky, if you would search ‘Stuffed Cupcake’ Hapsaville, Kentucky… chances are about 100% you will show up on the top of the page. Is this because of good SEO? Nah, I don’t think so.

If you want to show up nationwide even on the first page of results, and you could do that by playing smart… don’t you think all the other 9,000 cupcake businesses that are online would do the same thing? And last time I checked, there were no 9,000 locations on the first page of any search engine.

SEO somehow is, and was, about anything but the most important thing:

Your content.

It didn’t matter so much what your site was actually showing, there were ways around it to make a crappy page show up with a top rating. Simple. That is not right, isn’t it?

Google thought so too, and this is why they announced, about two months ago, that their rating system would be drastically changed over the course of a couple of months. Finally, bots were going to be re-programmed to read the essence of the content, match it with all the information in your keywords and descriptions, and the amount of original content. Also, they would check if your content would be identical to the content on other sites. If it would be, your site would get a lower rating to discourage copying of content.

So, my whole point? Don’t pay anymore for a separate SEO specialist. Demand it from your service provider as part of the package. Since a good rating will be for sites that simply are good to begin with, and not so much on things that are easy to be influenced.

It sounds absolutely logical, doesn’t it? I mean, figure this, Wrath of the Titans could actually have been a good movie if, well, they made it a good movie.


One thought on “Real Smart SEO? Build A Good Site!

  1. Peter, I love the concept you put out here. Having just watched wrath of the titans only minutes before reading your post I suppose that is also fitting. I spotted the uselessness of the movie when the previews were on and waited for it to be on DVD.

    Your points on SEO are spot on. I know a lot of people think that writing good content will naturally put them at the top. But when guys running around with crappy content are pimping their sites out with all the latest SEO, the quality guys have no choice but to compete.

    great post

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