What Mobile OS Powers The Terminator?

Arnie... powered by Google!
Arnie… powered by Google!

I am a movie buff. I love watching movies, and once I love one, I will usually not un-love it. Even when I saw it for the first time when I was 6 years old; E.T. remains my favorite, but movies like inception, the Batman trilogy, Running Scared, the new James Bonds all belong there too, just like the Godfather, Close Encounters and many, many more. Another one is the original Terminator and Terminator 2.

Hold that thought.

Now, when you went to see Promethius earlier this summer, you might also have noticed how much more advanced the technology looks in spaceship Promethius compared to the Nostromo from Alien. Duh! The movie was made 35-somewhat years later (yes, I am too lazy to check the accurate numbers). Although, you never know. It is just that in the Nostromo, ‘Mother’ looks like a whole set of blinking lights that do nothing but blinking, and the phosphor screen is not even LCD. Come on!

But I don’t care too much, I love Alien!

So, I still love the original terminator too. It was also the only role that Schwarzenegger was actually convincing in, in my own opinion; playing a bot. But, the nice part of the Terminator, both the T-1000 and the T-8000 in part 2 – they don’t look like computers. So, they would even nowadays still look ‘believable’.

But, still, the movie concept is hopelessly outdated.

I mean. SkyNet? SkyNet would be the network that actually rises to power in the movie series. If SkyNet went into the cloud right now, it might be able to take over, but still, what if Amazon’s or Microsoft’s Azure center goes down again? SkyNet would be down for at least 2 days. John Connor would simply send a Denial-of-Service request to SkyNet’s server and whoppa… gone.

Although, SkyNet would most likely defend itself. Let’s just hope it doesn’t do that with McAfee… because with a recent update the internet connection would be completely destroyed. Not only that, even if it did not have any issues, if SkyNet would be running in the cloud, of course Microsoft might threaten with cutting it off because there might be content in the system that is not according to policies.

But worse… let’s look at the Terminator itself. Come on, the T-1000 is hopelessly outdated. It still is driving around a police car looking out the window with this augmented reality-like vision (although that is still nicely up to date). But, shouldn’t he just log onto Facebook, and just check with the find-me function where everyone is.

Come on, he is actually looking through a old-fashioned telephone directory to get the address of Sarah Connor. I mean, geez, when he was still in the future, couldn’t he just get the information online before he left? I mean, he only knew the name? Sure, the movie is set in 1984, but come on, he came from the future!

Also, I believe nowadays the T-1000 would run on apps. If he needed to know where Sarah Connor was, and he had no clue, he simply downloaded the Facebook app and used the maps app to find her, and the shortest route there. And not knock on any stranger’s doors again and kill the wrong Sarah Connor. Please, that is so old-fashioned.

Of course, if the T-1000 would be running iOS, the T-1000 would have been approved by Apple, which would make Apple the new SkyNet. That does not compute. And since Windows 8 is not yet released, right now, it would mean that the T-1000 would be running …

… wow…

… The Terminator would be running Android. Who would even have guessed 😉

The problem is, Android? Look, I personally start to dislike Android a bit, but that is not what this story is about. I mean, if the T-1000 would be running Android, with a GPS app and constant 3G or 4G connections… the freakin’ robot would be running out of power all the time! You could simply outrun Arnie if you had somewhat of a stamina to run more than 5 minutes. The T-1000 would have to hook up to the power supply immediately.

It would be also quite embarrassing to know that a killer machine is running on… ehm… IceCream Sandwich… or… worse… JellyBean!

And what do you think about those flying spaceships. They would all run a version of Android. Let me repeat this carefully; Flying aircrafts – running on – Android.

Let me ask you this. Would you fly with an airplane that you knew would be running completely on JellyBean? Come on. I rather walk!

The easiest wayto ged rid of John Connor’s resitance is upload nude pictures into his Facebook account, remove all his friends and let FB take down the whole account. There would be no 4 movies, it would all be done in about 25 minutes, including booting up your computer.

If you look at it, the Terminator movies become actually less realistic over time. I love them still. Although I have to admit, the next time, I might watch it with mixed emotions 😉


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