Apple/Samsung ruling results in a fine of 1 Instagram… ehm?

I could not not do a follow-up posting on my previous one, in which I write that in my opinion, Samsung and Apple need to find things out on their own. Having gone through the verdict in detail, more or less, Samsung is guilty (not on all charges, but a lot of them). Too bad. Not so much for the company, but more about where this all goes wrong.

And I don’t mean that Apple is the bad guy, and Samsung is the good guy. Not at all. Both are major tech companies that defend what is rightfully theirs, and their production and distribution channels. Yes, personally I have a ‘too-bad’ feeling about the verdict. But, we can like it or not, if by law the system works this way, than that are the rules all the companies need to play by.

I know there are a lot of people out there that like to bash into it, find the many loopholes, but having worked a while with the department of Justice in the Netherlands, and dived a little bit in the role of justice; a verdict doesn’t mean it is the right thing. This was, like any case in front of the court, not about right or wrong; it is about ‘is it according to the law’. A major difference.

Apple can claim another billion dollars from Samsung, and both companies will still be alive tomorrow. But this is one of the things that worries me, as well as many other developers; how do you know when you infringe on a patent? I mean, sure, you can do the research. But what I tried to describe in my previous posting is that some patents are about such small details, that even if you come up with something that you think is new, you might already be infringing on a 100 patents.

Patents, originally, are there to defend an invention, but since we can patent now such small details, how do you know if you are not crossing any boundaries? This is why I am sad about the ruling of the court. But, the rules have been set, and last week they have been defined. Too bad, but, ah well, life goes on.

But it is weird, that something that is such a good idea for an inventor like a patent, can actually be also an inventors worst enemy.

Still… if my statement about Facebook and Instagram still holds up; Samsung has to pay Apple just one hour of work. Pffff…. peanuts!

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