There Is Something Mystic About Mystic

Ah, and there I am, successfully arrived in my 37th year. I remember that, two years ago, when I turned 35, I had the first ‘I am getting old’ experiences. Not the one that new colleagues had never heard of the movie Aliens, Jaws or Back to the Future, or that Guns-N-Roses is considered Classic Rock, but the one you get up in the morning, simply caring about your age. For the first time. The first time you guess a lady’s age first before staring at her far too short skirt, in fear of being ‘incorrect’. That kind of ‘being old’ feeling. I felt old. And then suddenly, I experienced the nice part of the social media that I usually am not too happy about; everyone knows I had my birthday. And for the first time, I actually felt happy about having a Facebook page.

I am getting better at building up an audience, and although I personally think that social networks right now have a long way to go to really become the most effective, even I feel more confident about using it. Heck, I am almost at 200 followers at this blog; a blog that does not show short blurbs and weird photos and whatever I have found online. So I am actually proud; yes, you may know that…

Using the web simply became a nice integrated part of my life. I deposit my checks when I receive them from clients, immediately on my iPad. I control my studio completely online now, shooting photos with my camera over WiFi, and having them uploaded and edited by my team the moment the shoot is taking place.

I order my movie tickets on the go, and pick them up at the box office. It is nothing special, everybody uses the web these days for more and more things.

And still… I don’t trust it.

Oh, I have no issues with trust about identity theft. Smart usage of the web, making sure you use certain cards and codes, and just make sure you always are safe. No, it is the not trusting of the functionality.

I will be taking my daughter for a short Daddy-Daughter trip. In the last week of her vacation, I wanted to break away, and to go somewhere new for her and me both. So, we will be heading up to Mystic, Connecticut and we have our whole trip planned. A nice hotel, a train and boat ride, and visiting the Mystic Aquarium the next day. And eating wings and ribs… after all, she is my daughter 😉 Almost 8 years old, I love to spend time with my little girl. My wife and I are both hard workers, ambitious and entrepreneurial, so sometimes we have to stop everything, and just leave for a moment.

I made sure I had everything arranged; the hotel, the railway tickets, the aquarium… yes… everything is taken care of. And still, I first have to make print-outs of everything. I still do not understand this that nowhere it is mentioned how it all even will work. Buying the tickets for the railway station; ehm, it tells me I have paid for them, and that I pick them up at the counter. But, with what? My credit card? Do they need a print-out of the confirmation? I have no clue? Do they have a record? I expect them to have taken care of it, they came highly recommended, so I guess it is all fine, but who knows.

And companies are still terrible at this, a lot of the times. I think a lot of companies miss out on valuable sales not because they do not sell their stuff online, but simply because they don’t seem reliable or professional.

The Mystic Aquarium made it clear, just print out the PDF’s. Done. That’s all.

Booking an hotel online is pretty straight-forward; and I never had a problem with it. But it is with all the unknowns about it, that makes it weird. Ah well, but in the end, I’ll have my stack of papers with me, and will be on a roll. Because, well, if there is any problem at all, I have enough wireless communication devices with me to even find a mosquito in the Sahara.

And well, as I learned from travelling with my father; even if things go wrong, we’ll still make the trip worth while and enjoyable.


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