Bring It Out The Big Guns: THIS MEANS WAR!

I hereby declare that I absolutely am in favor of tactical warfare, satellite guided precision attacks from outer space, and in the worst scenario – chemical warfare. Bring it on!

As you might have noticed… I have issues. Oh boy, do I have issues. Not personal (well, people like to differ in opinion about that, but THOSE ARE ALL LIES! 😉 ) but our holiday weekend ended up in search and destroy strategic attacks against our new invader; bugs.

Bugs on an IT blog… yes sirreeee… but this time, the tiny, little six legged ones. Normal bugs, coded, it is nice. You find one, you ‘squish’ it by fixing, and voila! It is gone.

Nice correlation to the real world.

You find a bug in real life, squish it, and a lot more will come. Depending on the bug, squashing it might cause more problems. Yuck.

Our dog found out that we might have a drugstore beetle problem. Which are small, tiny, little bugs, that like to hang around in open boxes of flour or rice, baking soda, all that kind of stuff. And they love the spider webs. Which is why they are often found in dark, more humid spaces, like pantries. And guess where we had them…. sigh.

The poor mutt only had another issue… they also like hair. Preferably animal hair. Having a cat and a dog, we have animal hair. No getting around it. A cat, however, with their scrapy little tongues, have no problems getting rid of the bugs in their coat. Our dog, awwww, poor little guy. And he hates getting a bath. But hey, it is on the menu now for every single day.

The problem is, with the two animals, chemical warfare on bugs is a bit difficult. Just like any IT production (I only have experiences with IT productions in this manner, hence the reference), I rather get to the goal, and then worry about detail. Function first, form next.  So, once I found out what these little critters were, and how to get rid of them, it was all out. But, except the favorited poison attack (sorry, I just don’t feel sorry for a bug. Even if they would have been the last colony on earth of the drugstore beetles, I would say; Sayanora! I am sorry if I hurt any feelings here ).

So. I had to work in more convential ways. Sigh. Killing every bug by hand. Squish… squish… squish… new toilet paper… squish… squish… squish… Thousands… and they kept coming. And coming. And more… squish… squish… squish…


I felt the least productive yesterday as I have felt in my whole life! I can deal with useless projects, clients that have no clue, bug after digital bug… bring it on… but these, these single cell brained organisms just kept coming, the whole pantry cleaned and every open package trashed, every box wiped… and on and on…. squish… squish… (actually, it was not squishing, I used the recommended vacuum, but writing HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU just doesn’t sound that comical 😉 ).

So, after a whole day of insectal-genocide, I gave up. I couldn’t do it anymore. They won… because every time I thought I had them all, a couple of minutes later, a couple new ones were there again. Just, two or three, but simply, every time. Argh! So I went to bed late at night, just to wake up early in the morning again facing a new week after the holidays at work… I took a look in the pantry… and it was clean. Sparkly nice, shiney, not one single bug. I WILL PREVAIL!

Bring on the new clients, the digital bugs, the new functionalities… heck, even bring on the bad weather! Just, keep those little six-legged devils away from me or I will go balistic, and I will request the marines for that…


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