It’s An Odd Life, Mr. Timothy Green.

The good thing about being a kid playing in the fallen leafs, you don’t bother about the bugs crawling around yet. © 2012Disney

While being bombarded with the commercials on the Disney Channel the last month, my daughter told me she wanted to see ‘The Odd Life of Timothy Green’ for the same last month, and this weekend I told her we could go. I did not expect a lot of it, it was not a movie receiving a lot of attention, but when I read the review from my favorite movie reviewer; Roger Ebert, I thought to give it a try. And to keep it very short; I liked it.

I didn’t love it, I liked it. Which is… nice. Actually, that is why I write this post; Timothy Green is a nice movie, partially feel-good, partially fun and pleasant, that simply is done well.

People who read my blog on a more regular basis is that my main concern with media development is that everyone wants to be the best, and better than others. And in movies that is the same thing; it seems that there have to be some kind of spectacle happening every moment to lure people in. And it is not important.

If something has shown us in the last decade or so, it is that you still can have a success without the big bucks. A movie like Trainspotting, The Blair Witch Project, even though already about 12-13 years old, still show that it is the originality that works. Right now, between the bombardment of Massive Multi-Player On-line Role Playing Games, 100+ $m production games like Mass Effect, Skyrim and such, show still space for the massively popular small iOS games and Indie games.

Timothy Green is the same thing. It is a pleasant surprise between summer blockbusters. And it did not try to be anything more than it was, a nice, heartwarming story of an awkward kid that brings joy, and sorrow, to the life of two would-be parents. The story doesn’t explain what it doesn’t need to, is gripping where it wants to, and makes you smile and laugh from time to time.

It was the first time in years that I didn’t look at my watch during the movie to check A) if the movie was almost over, or B) when the movie would be finally over. And to my surprise, the theater, a pretty big one, was crowded. And this for a family Disney movie almost a month in the theater? Disney might have done a wise thing picking up this story.

And yes, I have to admit, I have a soft weakness for Rosemarie DeWitt, who had a nice small role in this one. And there were more known actors playing around in this, still, it felt like a movie that people took a chance on. And I think it paid off.

It is a good thing that we, in the world of digital media, are sometimes faced with a reality check; it doesn’t always have to be better… just first try to make something good. Something nice. It doesn’t even have to be memorable, just, something that does things the right way.

Build a site that people like, put on Pinterest and like on Facebook, don’t always try to make the next new World-of-Warcraft. Give people an experience that they will like. If they love it, that’s good, but make them like it first.

So, be more like Mr. Timothy Green, a likable quirky character, who likes the simple things, and doesn’t try to be something he is not.  Whoever knows, someone might write about you in a blog then sometimes.

But if you find yourself with leafs on your legs, please, buy some anti-fungal creme.


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