Adobe Says My Photoshop Doesn’t Work

I was a little bit surprised this morning, reading the following blog posting from Adobe, in which they mention that Windows XP will not be supported anymore with future updates on Photoshop.

I don’t mind it. Knowing that Windows XP was launched in 2001, has been succeeded by Vista in 2007 and by Windows 7 in 2009. We may expect that we are slowly moving on. I am all for legacy support, as you might have read in my previous posting but there is a difference in supporting something that you still manufactured a couple of months ago, and a system that was released 11 years ago.

What I was surprised about was something different. This posting from Adobe actually mentions that Photoshop CS6 is not at all supported by Windows Vista. And, well, that… ehm… I don’t want to say anything weird here, but the computer I use in my photo studio is a Vista machine… which runs a perfect, shiny, even last week updated to the last version of Photoshop CS6 directly from the Creative Cloud. And it runs like a charm.

So, this posting has me confused in a couple of ways; why is CS6 supported by Windows XP, and Windows 7 and not by the in-betweener Windows Vista? And second of all; is my computer running Photoshop CS6 a flux? Do I need to start praying that Photoshop doesn’t suddenly decide not to work anymore without any chance of revival? Because, well, according to the guys who built the program, it should not even run on my computer at all!

Guys (directing at Adobe now, of course), before mentioning something like that, check your own sources, please, unless someone is trying to convince myself that I am actually running a Windows7 machine just imitating a Windows Vista computer. Who knows…


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