The iPhone5 Sounds Like The Reasonable Choice… Except For One Small Thing

Of course, these days, you cannot have an IT oriented blog and not mention the latest revelations from Apple. As many of you know by now, I am kind of in-the-middle with my opinion about iOS, and I personally never felt the need for an iPhone. I love the iPod, and already have owned about 7 of them. But the iPhone for me was a limited iPod, with phone capabilities. And since I never felt the superiority of iOS above other solutions, I never felt the need to upgrade.

iOS is not wrong, don’t get me wrong right now. I have to admit that iOS has proven itself to be the most stable and reliable mobile OS that I have worked with. But, my general impression is that a phone is simply too limited to do the things I want to do with it. And my expectations are usually too high.

I love the iPad still, but felt no need to upgrade to ‘the New’ iPad. Although the iPad runs on the same iOS, it has a larger screen, which makes up for a lot.

But my phone contract has expired, and I am in the market for a new phone right now. I absolutely have abandoned Android. I can’t do it anymore. First of all, it is a drag that the update of the platform is so fragmented. I got an update to version 2.2 last April trough my carrier, while platform 4.x is pushed out. Yes, there are a lot of explanations for it, but for me they do not make sense. My ‘level’ of phone has on other networks version 2.3, I am still at 2.2. It bothers me. And I have experienced so many battery-draining issues; with automatic Wi-Fi enabling or 3G enabling, while I deliberately turn them off, including the running services. And somehow, the weather always shows up when I want to make a call. IF I can make a call, that is. Because often, when I get called, I cannot unlock my phone. I have to press the on/off switch, then unlock it again, and by that time, my voicemail has picked up. Sigh… it shouldn’t be that hard to have a phone.

So, for me to be on the lookout for a new phone would leave me with two options; the iPhone 5, that, although not unspectacular anymore, it is a good, decent phone that is powerful and reliable. Or Windows 8 with the Nokia Lumia 920. The last one attracted my eye, but my carrier, that I do not want to switch from (Verizon) was still thinking about supporting is (last Friday, however, they have released the statement to start supporting Windows Phone 8 with the Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 later this year – Yay!).

But before I read about that support from Verizon on the Lumia, the iPhone seemed like the most reasonable upgrade for my phone. So I followed the presentation, was a little bit let down in the expectations – but again – I personally think it is an excellent phone, just, not that innovative anymore. But who cares? I like a phone I can reliably make a call with, and check my mails with. So, the iPhone might have been a good solution…


Until the new connector was introduced. Of course, the new connector was rumored to be a part of the iPhone5 for quite some time now. But, that really did it for me. I decided to simply wait until Verizon would start supporting the Lumia…

The reason for which is really, only that one stupid little connector. Because it might be technically be so much more advanced; it is absolutely not compatible with whatever docking station you might have. No matter how much you put the converter on it, it will not fit your docking station, that works with your Apple remote.

And there may be so many more excuses for Apple to have introduced it, and believe me, many of them are absolutely plausible, but all the apple add-ons work with the old connector; it simply would not work anymore. And as many of you know, Apple add-ons are not cheap.

My docking stations, my docking station + keyboard, my camera adapters… together more than $100, would not be working with this anymore. And on top of everything, Apple does not include the converter in the box. You have to buy it.

For me, that is a nicely aimed F-you to the customers. Sure, things should be smaller if possible. But, still they refuse then to go the way of the micro-USB that practically any other supplier uses. Not only that, USB has been around now for about 20 years, with USB3.0 ‘quite recently’ being incorporated in the newer systems; and it still uses the same plug type, to support older USB devices.

My point is, Apple did not have to change their connector slot at all. They keep their iOS environment as compatible as possible, why not do the same with their iDevices? I honestly could only think of extra income. I could not see another reason. The iPhone5 is larger than the previous iPhones, the components all are not larger as the previous iPhones. So, why not upgrade your connector with the same type of plug.

Don’t get me wrong. I always praise Legacy support, while I am now going to switch to the Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8, while Microsoft has banned compatibility of Windows Phone 8 compared to Windows Phone 7, which of course was a complete detachment of Windows Mobile 6 and 6.5. Yes, Microsoft is very good in Legacy support on PC’s, not so much on mobile.

But at least, the hardware is compatible. And if I have to move to a complete mobile environment, I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

I hope, finally, to own a phone that I really feel comfortable with. I haven’t found it yet…

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