Why E.T. Would Not Use A Mobile Phone To Phone Home

Seen over all time (based on my own personal life of course) E.T. is still the best movie I have ever seen. Sure, right now I will rate some movies better, but at that time, the impact that it made, and actually, that the movie is still a pleasure to watch, keeps it high up there.

And especially nowadays, thinking about how E.T. was actually the original grand-daddy of the consumer-grade mobile phone. I mean, he brought the stuff together, moved it into the forest and had it communicate to the stars and far beyond by use of a circular saw, an umbrella and an empty can. Sure, there were no Li-On batteries available, so a simple rope hooked up to a branch of a tree swaying in the wind did the trick.

OS? E.T. didn’t need no stinkin’ OS. It worked. So well, actually that a spaceship was able to pin-point the exact location of the device and pick up E.T. (I hope there were no spoilers left anymore for this movie). The phone did what it need to do, and did it so very well.

Now, yesterday, I wrote about my only beef with the new iPhone 5, and although I think the adapter is a major pain (and seen how many other IT sites write about their problems with it too), I still think the iPhone X should be the choice of E.T. would he still been stranded here on earth. Because, sure, I may talk critically about the Apple company, the fact is, that I don’t know any other phone/OS manufacturer that is able to produce an as stable OS for mobile devices as Apple.

At least, just yet.

I loved iOS when I started using it on my iPod touch, and I use it all the time on my iPad. But, it simply doesn’t let me use the devices in a more professional way. It is too ‘guided’. Apple just doesn’t want to give me certain permissions. And actually, I don’t even mean ‘a professional way’, since when is wanting to copy a photo from the ‘camera roll’ to another folder ‘professional’ usage? Even in iPhoto I cannot manage my photos. That is my problem with iOS. I want to do something simple, and iOS simply tells me I cannot.

But, in the end, it results in right now the best mobile device usage experience that I have had. I was very happy with Android when it came out and I started playing with it on my phone. I loved the ‘freedom’ that I hadn’t with iOS. But, it just did not last. In my opinion, Android simply is not stable enough, it does not work in any way that I expect it to. Even the battery life is very flexible with the same kind of usage, simply because suddenly I see Android turned on my Wi-Fi, or my 3G, which I don’t need and I don’t want. iOS does nothing unpredictable like that.

iOS might be boring, and predictable, but you know what? Maybe that is a good thing. Maybe I should not worry about all the freedom – at least at this moment. iOS is good, but it is very, well, Chevrolet Malibu. It is a good car, maybe an excellent car, it just gives you nothing to cheer about. It is reliable, it will get you from A-B, and it will do it well. It just doesn’t do it in style, or in any particular way that is not ‘standard’.

So I am waiting for Windows Phone 8, and I hope it is able to do things better in the mobile OS market. But that is always with a new system; you never know. It might be perfect, it might be horrible, or it might be just another choice of a good system, just targeting different people.

Maybe I should be happy if it is the last one;  iOS for the stability and doing what it needs to do, Android for the tweakers, and Windows just in-between.

But probably, if E.T. was here in this time, he still would have built his own system. First of all, his phone didn’t come with some expensive, weird, calling plan. Secondly, he did not send out enough information to require any kind of even 3G or 4G/LTE connection. And his system actually did not use batteries, that is why it was able to be on talking time all through the night. E.T. knew something that we do not, and I think he would design a kick-ass phone system!


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