I Discontinue My Continuum

And there it lays, so nicely and quiet, as if nothing is wrong. As if everything is just as in the beginning of our relationship. But no… no way… the damage is done, and it ran deep! I mean, real deep! It hurts, inside… betrayal.

I am talking about my phone.

I am one day before my renewal of my contract, and since I am a very content Verizon user, I am not planning to leave the carrier. Even though they do not yet ship my beloved Nokia Lumia 920 for at least 3 months while AT&T holds the rights to sell that phone, I will not switch, and keep my phone while it lasts.

Which might be not so long anymore.

First I want to apologize – somewhat – to Google. I mean, I really started to hate the mobile OS after a while. And this after I was so happy with my phone after the dreadful Windows Mobile 6 phone. I hated that so much, that once it was replaced (I refuse to pay extra if my contract doesn’t yet allow me a cheaper upgrade) I gave my daughter – then 5 years old – a full-size Stanley Sledge-Hammer and let her at it. It was the most fun she had in her life after meeting the princesses in Disney World.

She liked it actually so much, that the moment she heard me curse at the thing instead of through the thing, she started begging me if she could sledge-it into the seventh circle of hell.

I actually am thinking about spraying it with gasoline¬†kerosene first, then light it, and hear it squeel… and then she can sledge it into next week.

But, this is not completely up to Android. Yes, sure, I am done with the inability to upgrade the platform to a platform version that is already released for quite some time, and I am still stuck with version 2.3. I hate that. And I think iOS is too ‘kid-friendly’ and limited, Android is a little bit too fragmented. And, true, the phone is still running 3G, but it is horribly slow connecting to my Exchange server, while I see other phones connecting the to same one so fast.

And, oh lord, battery life. But battery life is also related to the manufacturer of the phone too, and customizations of the system. But, why one day with exactly the same settings I can have a full day with a full battery, and the next day my battery is drained before I get home is beyond me.

But, I think Android thinks towards the user; because right now, it completely lies about the battery. It simply shows it as ‘always full’. Yep. Android has given up to even do anything with the battery. Sure, it works, but it doesn’t know when it is charging anymore, if it is draining. Like it is telling me; you wanted better battery life, well Here it is!

Worse, if I am so unlucky that the phone turns off, I cannot turn it on, because it thinks the battery is then not there anymore. Only a reset of the OS will make it come back to life.

It is simply lies to me. After working together for 2 years, that I took it with me everywhere, to show it the world… it is done. So, these last couple of extra months that I have to wait for the Nokia to be launched with Verizon, we will have to deal with it.

Tonight, I will file the divorce papers… and my Galaxy S and I will go different ways as soon as possible.




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