Crash! Boom! Bang!

I usually don’t like to write a posting on my blog if there is nothing to tell, or nothing that I need to just get off my chest. But sometimes, some subject hits with a, well, bang. The kind of ‘bang’ that is written with an exclamation point. Just like this morning, while commuting on the Garden State Parkway, I had a close encounter with a bit of wildlife that seemed to be caught like a deer in the headlights because, well, it was a deer in the headlights.

The parkway was crowded, even at the 5.30 am that I was driving there, and with traffic on both lanes next to me, and some maniac tailgating me on my lane, I had no choice but to hit the poor creature head on.

What next?

When I got my car to the side of the road, I was mostly surprised that it was completely running. Under the circumstances I felt relieved, because a giant bill for car repairs was not something I could deal with right now. But, when daylight came, the disaster looked a bit more than just a broken headlight and grill. The whole hood was shifted, and was actually now blocking my drivers-side door. Hello big repair bill, there you are!

But actually, what I was surprised about is not about the damage, and the nauseating feeling of hitting the poor deer. It was actually the relief of how well the car had protected me. I love my car, but it is a 9 year old car, so I am not driving around with full coverage. And however I can feel sad about the accident, I have heard far more disastrous versions of the same story. Not this time. Yeas, I spent more on the make of the car, and the quality of it. Whenever I need it repaired I have to pay a nice extra chunk of change compared to the mainstream brands. But in the hour of need, it proofed to be worth every single dime. It did not lose its traction, I was perfectly able to maneuver the car, even during the accident, and it did the shock absorption so very well that even with that bang the car handled perfectly, kept me safe, and I was able to avoid risking any additional danger to other people on the road. And then I remembered; that was the insurance I needed and had…

Which also brings me to my digital talk. I am not saying that buying an expensive brand is the best way to protect yourself, or make sure you got everything covered. What I am saying is there is more to functionality and security then there is to beauty.

I deal with a lot of clients who look at digital productions mostly from the aesthetic point of view, even when it is mentioned to definitely spend money on the things you don’t see, and you hopefully never have to understand why you need it; like back-end, security and maintenance.

Often, when a production is finished and goes live, for a lot of clients, that is where they think they should stop investing in it. But especially online productions require constant maintenance, especially when you also deal with user accounts.

But also continuity is important, if something happens to a server, that there is away to publish your publication as soon as possible again before losing any brand or production value.

And then there is a brand thing. A luxury brand is not always synonymous with great production value. One of my examples here is for example Apple mentioning that their computers were so much safer. And the entire non-IT world and Apple owners agreed, while anyone working in IT knew that the so-called secure system was not because of a secure product, but because of a too small user base. Something that people have found out over the last year, with Apple OS-X now also targeted by major malware.

Do I mean to say that Apple OS-X is bad? Not at all. But what I do want to say is that you should never just take someone’s word for it. Good user behavior is part of a secure system.

Also, looking at Windows; sure, Windows has by far the most amounts of malware available for it and targeted for it. But it is then the question, what producer do you rely on fixing these things with. Do you rather work with a system that might have a lot more arrows pointed at it, but it able and experienced to quickly fix and secure the system, or a system that has less arrows pointed at it, but when one strikes, you are on your own?

Believe me, there is a good reason to chose each one of them, and the decision is absolutely a personal one.

Just like with my car. It kept me safe, and one of the things that caused that is that it is a heavy car. That helped me tremendously this morning. On the other hand, if someone would drive the same car and causes an accident with it because of poor driving skills, the thing turns into a murder weapon.

A product is never perfect on its own, and it comes with a lot of maintenance and security and usage requirements. But it is worth investing in that.


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