8 Report At 8pm

While the news here in the North-East has been mostly about hurricane Sandy coming to pay us a visit and do that with a serious amount of damage, there also have been some other things going on concerning IT. And since right now I am not going anywhere, and we still have power. Which, I should not have mentioned, after experienced – gladly a short – power outage.

So, as I have mentioned before, I have been upgrading to Windows 8 from the moment it was launched. My initial experiences with the system were surprisingly pleasant. But, as is usual with these king of things; anything that is new, always feels better. So I have been using it now for a couple of days, and, actually have been experiencing quite some interesting things with it.

First of all, I personally like the Edge UI, the new interface from Windows that we see in the RT version, and in the start environment in Windows 8. Although I am not completely astonished with the look and feel of it, it absolutely works so very well. I was surprised that I actually prefer using the Edge UI instead of the desktop. Of course, with enough development tools going on, I cannot ignore the desktop. But for all the basic computer usage, I think it works absolutely fine.


There is something weird, which more or less shows up when you work with more than one screen. In my experience, Windows 8 exists out of two separate entities; the Edge UI and the desktop. And I don’t have a problem with mixing them. I like to jump to the Edge UI, and then to the desktop for more heavy lifting. And switching between both works fine. I sometimes have to get the hang still of things, but that will come.

My problem is, with two screens, switching to the ‘Start’ mode (the Edge UI) only shows up on one screen. This makes the experience slightly weird, since both interfaces are so different. Switching completely from one to the other would be fine, but now you are a bit balancing between both, which feels awkward.

But, I do have the feeling I will overcome this with time, and it is in no way hindering my work, but it simply feels weird. But in the end, yes, I really like working with Windows 8. It is faster, has some very nice features, and it simply does its job.

So, I was absolutely excited to hear about the launch of Windows Phone 8 earlier today. Since my Verizon account is already past its term, I am just waiting to finally ditch the dodo of an Android phone, and upgrade to make my phone also part of the Windows platform again.

But, I personally thing that it will take time for the general public to be won over by Windows 8. Although, especially for users who use their computer for basic things like email, surfing, ebay, banking etc, should benefit greatly from this new version of Windows. Especially when working only in Edge UI the speed is incredible! The look and feel is pleasant and easy to understand. It is the developers, I think, and the professionals, that need to be won over.

But time will tell.


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