Hello Sandy! (The Night Of… – Sandy part 2)

So, yesterday night I have been writing about my issue of the reporting of hurricane Sandy making landfall here in the North East. My issue is that instead of trying to keep people calm and inform them correctly about what to do, because of advertising revenue a lot of the news broadcasters escape to making it sounds worse than things are.

And don’t get me wrong, things will be bad. Parts of Jersey are already flooded, the damage will be humongous, and the storm will be severe for a lot of people. Hell, who knows, maybe even for us. But it is not about that. It is about that news should not be commercialized, since that will result in more sensational news reporting, that might not reflect to reality.

But I have to admit, building up to the arrival of the hurricane, the tone of voice in the news seemed to have slightly changed. Which, may of course, be because of the seriousness of the news once it is happening. Right now, people will be tracking their local conditions instead of predictions for a couple of days. The news on weather.com changed from sensation to simply delivering what is actually happening. Sure, there are still some news items left that mention some sensation, but over all, I am surprised of how the tone of voice has been changed in the last 24 hours. But then, maybe before they wanted to get more visitors to their sites, and right now, people will flock to the sites – given of course that they actually have the power to do so.

Luckily, because right now you can surf to weather.com for the news that you expect; news about Sandy. Not any kind of doomsday scenario’s.

Sure, we will be expecting a power outage any moment now. The wind really produces sounds around the house I haven’t heard before, like the harmonica-ish sound coming from the cracks around the front door with extremely powerful gusts of wind.

Maybe – maybe I have been so lucky that actually someone re-hired Fred Emmer again and let him take care of the news reporting 😉

Well, if everything goes alright, tomorrow a posting about the The Night After, as last part of this Sandy trilogy and IT.

One thought on “Hello Sandy! (The Night Of… – Sandy part 2)

  1. Thanks for the update! Hope you are allright. I know you are used to some rain comming from a small an mainly wet European country. So you are qualified to judge… 😉

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