Anne Hathaway as Catwoman might not be IT, but absolutely fits this posting.
Anne Hathaway as Catwoman might not be IT, but absolutely fits this posting.

So I would like to welcome you to a brand new year. And I will also hope to keep up a more regular posting style in 2013, although I still am very much so of opinion that if there is nothing to write, I should not assume to do so.

But I have taken some time off at the ending of 2012, and took some time away completely from IT. Just, a time to relax, do some other things that I find interesting and actually picking up such a rectangular thing with a lot of letters again, you know, what do you call them… ah… books!

And it was then also that I did remember my setup for this first posting; perfection. Especially in IT it seems that we have actually abandoned the idea altogether. I mean, when something is released, we know it will not be perfect. Worse, we accepted updates, patches, and a short life-span for something we pay our money for. That is not a bad thing, mind you, because we know especially in IT that we are simply still growing into something bigger, something better, and that in two years everything we use now feels out of date.

Still, it makes us forget that there are things that do not need any more development. We seem to forget that the reasons why we have all this IT is to make a solid platform to show what is on it. Let’s face it; we don’t buy tablets for the tablets themselves, but what you can do with it. I know that a lot of people buy the latest hardware just to have the latest hardware, but sites on my iPad 2 perform just as great or crappy as on the iPad 4. I mean, the iPad doesn’t make the site better. IT and devices are tools to portray and make you consume content. If the content is not good, the device will not make is magically perfect.

But it is worth to sometimes stand still with things that are. We in the world of IT like to be caught up in the idea that for example everything digital is better, which is only partially so. I still don’t believe that a tablet or e-reader replaces a book for example. An example is that in the last weeks I have been reading my daughter the book of the Hobbit. To get it easily, I bought it from Amazon as a Kindle-book. And I read it both from my iPad to my Windows Phone, which I love, because no matter what device I have, there is the book, and I can read it.

But, it is still not a book to me. It is the story, but a book contains something more than that. My father-in-law trades and collects old books, and arriving at his place you are greeted by shelf after shelf of rare and gorgeous books. I have never been a real reader, but holding a book has something special. There are no boot times to open a book, using a bookmark makes it terribly quick to open it to the right page, the text is always where you remember it, and it won’t run out of batteries. And it has been tried and proved, a book is a near-perfect device. Sure, having too much uses up a lot of space, keeping them in perfect shape costs time and effort, and they weigh a lot to carry around. True.

But, in the end, I didn’t care, the book is about the story in this case. And I don’t feel a personal attachment to the stories of Tolkien (although I love the Lord of the Rings movie trilovy, I thought the book could be extremely boring from time to time), it is the story that counts here. And that is something important, and why I don’t care reading this from a device to my daughter. Actually, it is pretty easy. Buying books you do not care for so much on a device, and the ones you love you have as a hardcover on the shelves. There is no Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child book on my Kindle-app, but they are all faithfully on display at home.

The same things go for movies. I love movies, and just watching them is for me a lovely activity. Even movies that are horrible, I still can enjoy the watching experience. You can read my posting about Battleship, in no way even on the long-list for an academy award, still, I loved watching it. I didn’t love the movie, but the watching was pleasant.

We don’t have a 1080p at home, and at this moment, I don’t even have my dolby 5.1 hooked up anymore to the tv in the living room. This has to do with our home, an 1908 American Four-square type of house, and we simply cannot set it up that way. Still, even if the quality is not the best you can buy nowadays, it is a 52″ block of 720 pleasure. And it still works perfectly fine for a movie-watching experience. For example, two movies that in my mind were nearly perfect that I have been watching over again during my vacation are Promethius and The Dark Knight Rises. Now, I have seen these movies before, both in the cinema, but I always love the moment that I own a good movie, turn up the volume, and have no-one coughing or texting during the screening.

I actually liked the Dark Knight Rises a lot better on the home-screen than in the cinema, but especially seeing it in the broader perspective of the whole Batman trilogy, it is as good as they come. And that is another example what I try to prove here; it doesn’t care how you consume content, on what kind of device, as long as it comes across as you want it.

And sure, you might or might not agree with my taste in these movies. Hey, last year I have defended BioWare’s Mass Effect 3 high and low, and will keep doing that, while a lot of others disagree. Actually, I have started the whole trilogy again during this vacation, and immediately, it grabs me all over again.  And I still think that Mass Effect 3 is the absolute top in gaming and story telling, including the original ending. And we don’t have to agree on it, but for me, it is .

But also, my wife and I have introduced the Indiana Jones movies to our daughter, which she absolutely loves. And then you see a movie like Raiders of the Lost Ark, hardly in wide-screen, grainy image, but absolutely incredible still. E.T., this year a 31 year old movie, is in my books still the perfect movie ever made.

Although… I actually might want to put Inception there. Not that old, but absolutely amazing story-telling, acting, special effects and music all mixed up to this extremely wonderful experience.

Wrapping it all up, my new years resolution is to not bother so much with the technology of things, but how we use it to do what we want to do and experience. I have 2 iPads, 5 iPods, a Windows Phone, and 4 computers that all run quad-cores or more… the technology is fine and fast enough… let’s do some kick-ass things with them.

Happy New Year!


Maybe I should add one more thing that I simply cannot just leave out of this. Because, I think Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in the Dark Knight Rises… that might be perfection.


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