Why I Won’t Buy A New Computer Or A New Car Anytime Soon

lincoln_town_car-Manu-07_03-1024I am working from home again. The reason why is because on my trip home two days ago, a weird noise started to fill up the environment, and the source was my right-rear wheel. I parked, looked at it, but there seemed nothing wrong with it. But the sound it made, when I started driving again told me a whole other story.

So slowly I rolled to the studio while making enough sound to make a wedding car with all the cans put to shame, parked it next to the studio, and got out. The car still drove very fine, no problems whatsoever. AAA was there extremely fast, and towed it to where the car technicians took a look. And this morning, I received a call, mentioning that the the cause was a small thing, but breaking my emergency brake, which on it’s turn tore out the ABS and the ABS sensor. I trust these guys completely, and have earned my respect and appreciation over the years. But the calls always start with a low amount in my head, and then I see the numbers turn while the conversation goes on. This repair, in the end, will cost me about $1,100.

And then I just went blank for a minute, before still mentioning that this is the most trustworthy car I have ever had. It is a maroon Town Car, and even though it has taken a lot of garage time and money from me, I still think it is the best car I ever have had. Other people around me sigh when I mention I will work from home again, why my car is always broken. But it is slightly different than that. I drive more per week than almost everyone drives per quarter. So with my 1,5 big repairs a year, I cover the same repairs as a normal person would have in, well, 3 years. Not only that, I simply get hit by stuff on the road. We all do. But I drive almost only highway miles, so things that hit, usually hit hard.

Why do I bring this up, besides because it is on my mind right now? Simple, for the last couple of years I read about the demise of the PC. Big analyst companies predict the downfall of the personal computer now so long, and right now, it is increasingly popular to include that Windows 8 is the cause of it all. But, just like with my car, maybe we finally are getting somewhere that computers simply don’t get faster so much anymore. I mean, even the faster new computers are still issued with an i5 processor, even though the i7 is quite faster. We don’t need it anymore. You don’t have to increase your computer speed anymore every year for the fastest games.

Actually, I built an i7 computer at home last year, and decided to bring my old computer into the photo studio. That ‘old’ one is an Quad-Core E6600 from 2007. It is still running smooth and fast, never hit my limits, even with the full Adobe Creative Suite running. It is still good. Usually I had to upgrade at least once every three years, but, there is no need anymore. On top of that, Windows 8 runs faster on older machines than Windows 7. So once I played around with 8 on some computers, I immediately installed it everywhere, and noticed the difference.

So maybe Windows 8 might be the cause of the dropping PC sales…. it is another reason why we don’t have to upgrade what isn’t broken at all. But also the way how we consume data and media, and I don’t mean devices, is different. Most of the computer media consumption now happens on the internet; social networks, media streaming, web gaming. It simply asks for a faster web connection, but it hardly put your 6-year old computer to work.

I noticed myself that even though I use more and more mobile computing for media consumption, I need my computer for the photo editing and the programming. But computers became so much more durable, that replacement-time-frames are severely cut at least in half. I don’t see any reason why I should replace my old Quad-Core anytime soon. I use the tablet, and increasingly so my mobile phone (even more than my tablet these days, so much, that I stopped taking my tablet everywhere), but my computer is still my work station.

Just like my Town Car. Sure, I need to put some money in, but with people who know what they are doing, it will go on for many years more.

So, I love the personal computer, so hurray! for the dropping sales!

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