Coffee, Coffee, Coffee… Need More Coffee

20130428-105050.jpgWell, my last posting was about donuts… Now lets talk about another of my favorites of the american lifestyle; coffee. At the time of this writing I am sitting with my best friend at Starbucks, enjoying our millionth mug of coffee in this right now 1-day stay. Of course, you don’t have to tell me there are way better places to get way better coffee than at Starbucks. But you know what, I like my own favorite now, and I am content with it. I don’t always want to know there is something better out there when what I already have I am happy with.

Coffee. Last week I watched a program about the whole trip prom the berry to the cup. And one of the managers at Starbucks was mentioning their marketing and finding new ways of getting people in touch with ‘coffee’. Really. Even more? One out of three people in the US drinks coffee on a daily basis. And as an average, every American drinks 3 cups of coffee a day. It is not the ‘coffee’ that needs any marketing.

I think that is usually the problem that a lot of companies struggle with, marketing. And not the ‘getting the product or brand out in the open’, but actually for the companies to understand themselves what needs marketing, and what kind.
I have my own problems with it too. It is easy to understand yourself why your products is better, or at least similar to the competition. But to convey that message to your potential audience, and better yet, for them to think about it and have them give it a try, is even a bigger thing.

What I have learned is that I should not think about it, and I should not try to attempt it myself. Why? Well, because I understand now that ‘I Do No Know’. On my SWOT analysis marketing is a major W. I have found someone else who’se only thought is marketing. He does not understand how to build what he sells, but he understand how to sell, learn the message of the potential audience.

And if I do my work correctly, the people trying my products out, will hopefully also spread the message. I make no illusions, some products will succeed, most will fail. Some will need some modifications, maybe a new identity, and then trying it again…
But, at least, I should not even think I understand the marketing myself. I think as a rule, if you own the business, you should understand you do not understand the marketing.

Just like the guy from Starbucks… He could not mention the message right on tv. I understand he meant that we wanted everyone to know their brand even more, get them drinking more coffee at Starbucks… Not coffee in general.
Coffee doesn’t need any advertising anymore. Don’t worry, we are all addicted anyway. One out of three Americans. Take out all the children and all the elderly that cannot have it for health reasons and you have practically a 100% market penetration. What more successful product could you wish for?

I’ll let them think about it over coffee.


One thought on “Coffee, Coffee, Coffee… Need More Coffee

  1. Hi Peter,

    Nice blog. Good thing you started with “don’t tell me there are better places to get coffee”! I can absolutely relate to your marketing dilemma. I noticed it so many times in marketing departments.

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