United Airlines – Something Went Wrong Here

I like flying, and normally I am pretty excited with it. But there are times that I know the flight will be memorable. And I have the feeling that today will be one such memorable flight. And I am still sitting at the gate.

First, the feeling crept up on me the moment I booked the flight returning from Seattle to Newark three months ago. There was no seat selection. And I love my rear row window seat. But alas, there was no seat available. And right now, I understand why… A whole class of teen kids is here the gate… Oh lord, I hope the volume on my iPad goes load enough to block out 6 hours of teens screaming.

So I walked up with the flight attendant at the gate and asked if there was a possibility to assign a seat for me. Oh, without asking the lovely blonde lady did… Row 8 seat.


Let me repeat that to make myself clear….


That’s it. I will take my loss, take another Tylenol and just pray for turbulence to make the flight a little more enjoyable. 40 teens, one tiny Boeing 737. 5 hours of flight. I had some horror movies rented to freak me out on the plane, but I guess nothing can beat real life….

I still like United. Most of the time it all goes right. But right now… I will see you on the other side… One way or the other


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