Gwynneth Paltrow vs. The IT Crowd

big63I like Gwynneth Paltrow. I think she is a good actress, a beautifully looking woman and to be honest, that is where my knowledge about her stops. I would like to know more about her, but I don’t. And because of that my opinion that I have now is the only one that cares to me. But, I’ve heard her name pop up a couple more times the last couple of days after she was nominated the most beautiful woman in the world by People magazine.  Since then, she received a lot of backlash in the media and from the public.

It is nothing new. If something or someone gets in the spotlight a lot of time in positive ways, and a lot of people like it, there will be more and more negative comments. It is an event that we know in IT so well our battlefronts: Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix or Microsoft, Apple, Google or iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. Once there something positive about one, it will hardly take any time for the others to rally up and attack.

I used to be frantic about it too. But that was out of my own frustration. I mentioned in my blog posting yesterday why I was still a Windows fan, although there is much pointing in the direction that Apple did things generally better for the majority of people out there. My frustrations started mostly in the Browser-War of the ’90s. Where NetScape and Internet Explorer went head-to-head. The problem was, that this was not just about favorites… having both browsers functioning drastically different  you often had to do twice the work to make one code look good. Those problems have not disappeared yet in the browser market, but they are a lot more manageable.

It is simply that public opinion. Somehow, someone always need to be the best. We have to support a winning team! And once the team you support is the winning one, the amount of people who do not share your opinion become massive. And it is so weird that this is something so active in the digital live and the media, but not somewhere else.  Sure you have supporters of McDonalds, Burger King, Red Robin, In & Out Burger…. but I have never heard about such active battles between supporters of each.

Who cares how Gwynneth Paltrow lives her life? Who cares about liking or disliking Steve Ballmer or Tim Cook or Eric Schmidt, if you are happy with your iPhone, Android phone or Windows Phone… who cares? I am already happy that these days all these computers communicate with each other. That has been different in the past too. Same goes for Gwynneth Paltrow; she is a good actress, what else would I worry about how she lives her life? I appreciate her work… that’s it.

Just like I appreciate my Windows machines, but still also my iPad. This whole discussion is often such a waste of energy.

And if you don’t like my opinion, you are my sworn enemy 😉



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