Research Shows That Research Doesn’t Mean A Thing

ResearchI know a lot of people that love to quote parts of research that has been done. Especially if it favors their point of view. Hell, I have done it many times in my life, and probably will do it even more. And there is always a research that proves that opinion A is correct, while another research proves that opinion B is correct with enough evidence to disprove opinion A.

This is nothing new. Global warming is caused by people, but not caused by people because it has been going on for millions of years. Social media is necessary for your business, but social media cannot be linked to in- or decrease of revenue in your company. Research shows that most people hate Obamacare while other research shows that most people love the idea of a social health plan like Obamacare.
Oh, and one poll shows the Democrats will win next time, unless of course the Republicans win.


I am not going to disprove anything here, nor the wish for the research to stop. I love it, actually. It is my kind of soap during the day, hearing from everyone that there is so much research done to back someone’s opinion.

I do love the ones where research shows that doing nothing for your business is actually the best way to advertise your company or product. You never heard of this one? Well, you must have. Because I hear so many times from clients that:
– SEO is not effective anymore in favor of social media.
– Social Media exposure cannot be linked to increase in revenue.
– The effectiveness of printed media advertisement is next to zero.
– People skip through the commercials on television.
Let me first mention that all these four elements are absolutely true in my opinion. I don’t have links to the sources, but search a bit online and you will find the information that shows it (yes, it is early in the morning, there has been no coffee yet, give me a little slack here ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

But if you add these up, it gives the bleak perception that advertising itself is down the drain. Research shows that, after all. SEO is gone in favor of Social Media. Social Media exposure doesn’t mean squat. You cannot print an ad in the newspaper or do anything on tv. Face the fact, it is over!

Which is absolutely a stupid way to think. Advertisement does work, and it still works well. The problem is that it is not clear anymore how to reach out to your audience. It used to be so easy in the old days. An advertisement went onto the air on tv or radio, or in the newspaper, or before a movie, or on billboards. Exposure was simple. And, it was expensive. And that filtered out the market. You and I did not advertise. It cost you a lot of money, and you better had a very good product before you would put time and attention into it.

Nowadays, you get a $100 Google Adwords gift card with almost any subscription model of almost any company. And for that $100 you can get quite some promotion. Everyone can buy an ad at any time and pay next to nothing. And we? We have no clue what we are doing. But it is cheap, so we do it. And we do it on our own.

Research shows that that is stupid. Sure, research that I have done myself, which is called ‘my career’. you have been getting a sneak-peek of it for the last 291 blog postings right here ๐Ÿ™‚
There are still amazing advertisements out there. Even on TV that makes me stop and rewind the TiVo in mid-FFWD to just see the commercial. It is not that advertisement is less effective these days; but by ratio it is. Because there is these days a factor billion more advertisement out there than there ever was. Because in my street alone probably everyone runs advertisements of one thing or another.

Good advertising still works. On air, in print, everywhere. But you have to be better than you were ever before. That is why we can’t do it on our own. Don’t get the idea that you can. And the thought you have to be cheap because you don’t have the money to advertise. Well, you might be the lucky one who actually can do it on his/her own. But chances are, you – just like me – are not. We need help.

And doing some research for a great partner who can help you with this might actually pay off. Good advertising doesn’t come cheap… but it is still worth it.

So do not pay always such attention to the negatives… look into what is needed for you to grow your product/site/concept. And maybe the times have changed for you; there are a lot of new channels to advertise in.
It might very well work out.


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