Taking A Little Moment Not Reflecting On The World – R.I.P. Robin Williams

(c) Touchstone Pictures
(c) Touchstone Pictures

I usually write my postings here when I think I have something to mention about the world of technology. I try not to comment about any other situation in the world, simply because I don’t always think the world needs another opinion thrown online with too little backgrounds information and foundation for discussion. So I usually do not write here about pressing issues of the Ukraine, IS(IS) in Iraq, Boko Haram in Nigeria, the Gaza Conflict… you don’t need my writings on that.

So, that said, I do want to take one step out of the world of I.T. to write a little note about something important to myself; the passing away of Robin Williams last night. It is just a short note, and even though I usually am not someone who presses on these things; I loved his movies and his work, especially in a time where my main focus was getting into the movie business. I loved his comedy work, being refreshing at the time and for my generation the first comic actor that did not really take himself too seriously on the screen.

But besides the standard movies that most of my generation knows him from; Mrs. Doubtfire, Aladdin, Jumanji, Hook, Patch Adams and the Birdcage to name a few; my personal favorite has been always the Fisher King. A movie that I have seen a lot of times and me being the most unlikely audience at that time. But seeing Mr. Willams portraying this homeless man with a fleeting memory and increasing insanity, more and more living in his own world, was emotional. It was the other side of the coin of being the crazy funny actor in most movies, but here, simply a crazy funny person that no one laughed about, but felt so sorry for.

So, without any forced sentiment, I just wanted to pay my respect with this little posting.

Rest In Peace, Mr. Williams.


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