Focus, Don’t get distracted & Just do it!

Blank piece of paper
Yes, this is where it all begins…

A repetitive subject about my posts is about what might be important and what might not be in creating a new production. Everyone with experience in the field will give you advice that, as a start-up, might seem to be too much. One is mentioning how important SEO is, the other one how important building an audience through grassroots methods is, then you should have it running in the cloud, build an app, and then apps on this or that or that platform.

And then we did not really even get into SEO yet; because are you aiming for natural searches, inbound links, link sharing programs, advertisements…

STOP right there. We now only talked about getting noticed online. And yes, there will be enough people telling you success stories about all these methods, but these days, if you start something new, sit before that blank canvas of a project, lose all that advice. It is not about all those things at all. You have to start all the way at the beginning, and right now, you are focusing all the way at the end.

Before you think about deploying it to certain platforms, talk to markets and think about selling; you first have to go back to the drawing board. The idea. The spark.

I mentioned the SWOT analysis earlier on, which of course is part of any good business plan. Again, for an investor, never spend any dime in a project or a business without a correct honest SWOT, but also for you as the owner of a company or the creator of a new project; don’t spend any time on a project if you have not SWOTted it out first.

But there is no project that should not have a business plan as well. But it is all based on the idea. And if you do not have the luxury of a complete marketing machine behind you, and capital of your own that can simply make you create anything and give you the luxury of maybe having a miss or two, you need something good. The idea.

A lot of people who want to do something, have a real plan, get the idea nowadays in the media that you have to start big. How many times haven’t you heard that the times from working in your attic or basement are over? Don’t let anyone fool you, these days more success-stories are written in those attics, bedrooms and basements than every before. People that simply have an idea that will not let go, and they simply have to build it. No matter how.

And people who know the creative process know that kind of idea. Out from nothing, suddenly there is the hint of an idea, and it will not let go. You have to work on it. And it will grow, it will become like a very logical idea. But it will not be forgotten. Even after years, if you don’t do anything with it, it will still be there.

Those kind of ideas are different from the ideas created because of a need. You can create something new because you think you need it, but the lack of that passion compared to the idea that you have to make, might make all the difference. How many companies are spending tons of time and money into creating things that they think they need to get an audience, or that can prove some other project can work?

If the initial project is good, the original concept that started it, everything will come together. Then, suddenly, once it is there, you will understand what to do with building up an audience. Build it first on the web, available to all platforms. And then, you might start thinking about moving it into an app, doing SEO, building up an audience.

But who am I writing this to? Because once you have that have to idea, you probably already know what I am talking about.



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